Creation of videos and artwork

Hi everyone !

I eventually contacted the French university I used to work with for professional issues.
They’re really keen on working on videos and artwork and submit them to f(x)DM.
However, they miss part of background…
I need to help them create the stories, but I’m pretty eager to ear some of your ideas : I will then validate the script with the team before going forward.

Here’s what I provided to them : 2 priorities right now - they must create dynamic 40 seconds videos and their animated-GIF equivalent. No reading. 10 seconds to summarize the topic - 20 seconds to explain the innovation/details - 10 seconds to summarize what it will bring to the overall crypto ecosystem.

1 - FunctionX : Implementation of EVM
a) Intro (10s) :
Explain what is the EVM, the capability to execute Ethereum smart contracts, on the FunctionX blockchain, which is one of the fastest and cheapest blockchain.
b) Details (20 seconds) :
All smart contracts written for the Ethereum blockchain can now work on FunctionX blockchain. Those smart contracts were initially written for Ethereum, but Ethereum fees climbed so high that people are now turning to other blockchains. Smart contracts allow for decentralized exchanges, NFT-related operations, crypto-games. FunctionX interchain capabilities provide one thing other blockchains don’t provide easily : simple interoperability with BTC, ERC20 ($ETH), BSC ($BNB), Polygon ($MATIC), Tron ($TRON) and PundiXChain ($PUNDIX). Not only can you run existing smart contracts for very low fees, but also much faster, and then interoperate easily back with other chains.
c) Summary (10s) :
Cheap fees - Very fast transactions - NFT, decentralized trading, interchain interoperability with BTC, ERC20 ($ETH), BSC ($BNB), Polygon ($MATIC), Tron ($TRON) and PundiXChain ($PUNDIX)

2 - PundiX (& f(x)) : Upcoming DeXPOS
a) Intro (10 seconds) : What is the XPOS, what is DeXPOS ?
b) Details (20 seconds) : The need for the DeXPOS and XPASS in global adoption of cryptos, how it relates to stablecoins for merchants, how fast transactions would be, how intermediates (like banks or custodian) disappear in between, how automatic staking could happen…
c) Summary (10 seconds) : ease-of-use, transactions faster than credit cards, crypto and stablecoin friendly, all completely decentralized

At some point, I expect the students to talk about the FX ecosystem, to understand it and to help increase the overall $FX ecosystem…

I’d be very happy if you could provide any insight about the “scripts” !!
Or any idea for other videos…



the significate difference between a Crypto payment system using Crypto as Crypto over centralised groups turning crypto back to fiat to use a credit type card, My belief is people are far from understand this otherwise our eco system would be bigger then Binance by now & the point any payment system involving crypto will only increase the growth & use of Xpos not diminish it, our system is inevitable to be a giant in the payment industry & financial sectors no mater how slow the time clock flows this eco system is here to stay


It is difficult for ordinary consumers to understand videos explained only in letters.
A realistic video is needed.
For example, like a documentary.
Comparison targets and success stories.
And it’s said to be a crosschain, but I still don’t understand.

All I want is to move on from fx to BSC ($BNB), Polygon ($MATIC), Tron ($TRON), PundiXChain ($PUNDIX).
I think the fee should be fx and fx should be exchangeable for other coins.

just so you understand with cross chain fee’s, the fee is the native chains coin your coming from, so if your coming out of eth chain to go into FX chain you pay eth chain to leave their chain because your contract is with that network, If you go from Tron to Polygon your fee’s will be TRX and so on, think of it this way McDonalds can’t charge you for a dinner plate you brought in from the supermarket but you will have to pay McDonalds to take the plate out of their store.

Cross chain it sort of takes the coin you want to move from one chain to another, it sort of secures your outgoing coin and hands you a equivalent in the other Chain your going to, it’s not a swap that can be any coin you want for that you would just use a swap DEX, But for this cross chain to happen first all chains involved have to create the abilities to give you their equivalent token on their end/side/chain, so just because we have a door this side dose not mean the door has a handle on the other side yet.

We can’t go from fx to another chain, can we?

I think fx should be able to be exchanged for coins through the bridge.

Isn’t this just network movement?

If there’s no fx in the other network, the game is over.

I extended above, theses things are coming but cross chain is not a swap DEX

I don’t know why that function is there.
I think it’s inefficiency.
There seems to be a possibility even if Fx eliminates the need for a central exchange.

I don’t understand your question, but it has purpose, more features and abilities will come this will help it all make better sense, go look for some youtube video’s or ask on your county’s group in telegram for if there are more explanations to your questions on cross chain

I don’t know English.
Because I use a translator.
It’s just what I think.
I’m just sad.

Guys, please come back to the topic… :slight_smile:
I understand crosschain is a mess to understand : and that’s a really good point for FX.
We’ll see if we can make it clear…

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This is good. My intial thoughts are, but I will be posting more here over time;

The scripts are a premise to work from, but please note to your colleagues that different social contents allow different time frames, eg twitter 2 minute 20secs., which I will break down the benefits in doing so.

By having a free flowing “do whatever” with the information, will allow more creativity without limitations or time constraints. I know there are no penalties otherwise if committed, but the artistic boundaries will be hindrances to demo videos. Maybe suggest, attempts should be made within the script as much as possible. If not make sure its good lol.

Perhaps ask them how they feel about this… Both ways work, but I’d prefer a free flowing for students imo.

-maybe include the underbanked and the unbanked advantages.

I can post some of my cards to assist, they were designed for such a moment too. It has the infos they need, which can save them some research, but perhaps it might be good to get a fresh scope into the projects from fresh eyes.

Scripts missed, also is the purse tokens.

-Merchants collect features
-Open OS, Ingenico, Verifone and PAX
-the device portabilities wife, 4g etc etc
-merhchants portal
-distributorships, both individually under a master distributor with associated commissions and also store franchises (OVO) type.
-XPass NFC cards. Dxpass (but granted not enough info even for myself to make content on this.

The team had done this before with the Singaporean University, perhaps swapping notes here can help you and the students.

-maybe a demo unit of 1 XPOS is needed to be send to your students, whereby they can plan and share video captures for contents @zaccheah, and have them share around…

-i should have stated above that there are different subject matters to create contents for. If these are the ones you feel are aimed at then it’s fine.

Not sure if the students working in pairs or groups or individually. Because we may have different videos but with the same contents, so hence the above were mentioned. Otherwise different groups can work on different subjects of the eco. This will undoubtedly being forth more contents during this one cycle, or two… Most likely one…

-on and off ramp feature
-xwallet gift feature, with telegram connectivity
-EGF funds
-Codeless blockchain
-Codeless servers

I can’t find the full egf breakdown screenshot, in my messy phone.

All the above are alternative direction and scripts which could be formulated… However if you feel the subjects described by you, then I’ll add more to them.:crossed_fingers: I think you’ve got most in there already… Have to look deeper into it all.

I was shocked to see that the fx card explaining the in depth if it, which was made maybe 2 years ago, but still stands today.

The pundi one pager of the entire eco, is all correct apart from the coins listed at the moment (due to MAS).

I hope all this helps for your team before passing on. I have more one pagers, just ask away.

The fx eco could be ipfs, Docker, fxcore, oh let me just add the card lol. Its nearly 3am.

Anyone else notice how it was always mentioned about derivative trading! Finally its here.

BOB #blockchain phone as well. But that could be later on.


@Superbit123 , I can’t say thank you enough.
This is a really constructive comment.
I’ll come back to you after a small sleep. Day was pretty long ! Hopefully, I’m on vacation !


Just incase I forget, the student can always use the official pundix youtube channel if the contents are good and don’t have their own ones.

I was thinking perhaps I’ll drop something to students too, if all others members thought the same would be great. I’ll donate 50fx as well apart from the fxdm. So everyone wins.

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one thing I think is most important is the content creator has a team project admin overview anything before it goes to air, I can’t stress enough how this is important; even though people think they know a lot dose not mean they have correctly relayed the information, small tweaks or re-wording maybe needed.

I agree, probably best to get mines checked first once over, from 3 internal dev committee :joy: :joy:.

They should be okay, they’ve been retweeted a few times over the years. I must find time to re-review them.

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I just love your work. Thank you so much. I will add 100fx for the student. So send me your fx wallet​:white_check_mark::white_check_mark::rocket::rocket::+1::+1:

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Hi everyone !

Thank you for your comments.

We’ll try and go further on these 2 cases : we’ll setup a donation FX address for the students, and we’ll try to expand the community on their side. Of course, FrenchXCore validator will contribute as well to the prize.

First, let’s start off with 1-3 of them and see the results. If you like it, we might go further up the hierarchy of the university… Of course, we will first contact the team to validate the script/description, and then to validate the content before submitting back to you and FXDM.
They usually have a project each year and it’s common for “customers” to setup an overall prize for the university to cover for hardware costs : this prize usually is around 10k€ depending on the number of students contributing (usually around 20, but up to 40 !!) and the kind of work they’re expected to submit (videos, artwork, logos, publications, cartoons, etc.).

I’ll keep you apprised.



Suggestion; It might be worth mentioning to all members, if we can replicate these university or college setups for more fxdm materials… We are a large community and widely spread out.

One more thing to add here (instead of private groups only, personally speaking for myself here), is that if at some point we can list fxdm/egf on HYVE free lance platform (along with job opportunities at p/fx) for more exposures, and contents produced for both ecos.

If any one knows any other sources we can promote that will be great. We can use different scripts set out than what FrenchXcore assembled, so we get a variety of contents.

CC @BlueStitch (for references & the person to tag with such ideas).

I like this platform more and more (fx forum), its not rushed, nor cluttered as much.

Sharing ideas, in-light of getting more ideas back.

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First of all, great idea @FrenchXCore and thanks so much for the effort to contact and bring the students involved in creating contents for Function X! It’s very exciting and we’re happy to help if they have questions.

And thank you to @Superbit123 for provide so much information and being super as always! It’s incredible how these pages are so informative and well organized!

I agree with @LKYBOB about keeping the information correct, and at the same time letting the imagination run wild. Surely we can help proofread the works of the student to make sure that the informations is aligned and give suggestions if needed before they submit it to FXDM. Perhaps that will also help with their project.