Hi everyone , i think cryptogift feature is one of the best features in pundix ecosystem.
I believe should pay more attention to it and make people know about it. many don’t know that this exist.

what can be better than cryptogift to bring people to pundi x ?

no fees and instant

My point is, maybe is time to detach the feature from the gift name. is a lot more than just send a gift.

I think it will be better to change the name and show the feature to everyone .

hope i made me understand :sweat_smile:



My preliminary new name suggestion to propose a face lift;

I’ll work on other names as it unfolds.

-Fee less cross boarder
-Remittance X
-please add
-World X
-Free send
-World gift

So far I only like Remittance X, but I’ll continue to explore with other name.

-Claudio added;
-Lightening X
-X flash

I like lightening X from all the above.

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XFlash is better

Totally understandable and agree completely.
Will think of alternative name to.

Would be great if such feature could be integrated into fxwallet, decentralised.
Imho it then could really be big and competitive to lightning network.

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You only have to TAP the purple box, and the asset is yours…

Great thing about this feature is, that if not tapped within 24 hours, the asset will return to sender.
No assets will get lost.

Ok, it’s midnight over here, this came to mind just before i almost fell asleep :grin::grin:

New brainstorm tommorow…

should not only on telegram, but also twitter to keep up with the lightning that is currently popular.

I would wait for crypto gift to either move on to the core with Xwallet or C-Gift moves to FX wallet before marketing it, won’t be popular anymore on Xwallet within the erc20 environment

FlickMe X - $20

KickMe X

TossMe X lol

SplashMe X

DropMe X lol

FlashMe X even funnier

needs to be fun the young will say like it’s a trend word

Yes agree.

In the Netherlands we have something called “tikkie”.

Translated in englisch means something like “small slap in the face” or “pass me the soccer ball”…

Funny word, but everybody knows what it is, very popular remmitance option here, also instant and free.
When going to dinner with friends, (yes i have some…) i pay the bill.
Then i send them all a “tikkie” through whattsapp or email or qr code, all possible.
And within seconds they payed their share back to me and the money is on my bank account.

To bad it is a centralized banking thing :grinning:

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some other names


Crpyto Gift is maybe better. what we need is advertisement :slight_smile:

PurplePresent or PP for short (yes i know, using the argument by @LKYBOB )

We should get rid of cryptogift, it sounds too much like the twitter musk gift scam