Custom tokens

I just done now a swap on uniswap on asset not avaliable on fx wallet assets list.

After transaction is done and confirmed received to address , i receive message that i recieved certain asset which is unknow and if i would add it to my list. I confirmed and its added to be visible in list.

My question is why not have option in assets list UI to add custom tokens via contracts


insert the address of the smart contract into the search bar

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I did try already but not working for me here is an example

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look in the swap function, not add

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This can show because uniswap api import it from list, but if I want to add a certain token manually to view it in list of holdings under my eth address, its not possible to do.

I made an swap through a FXwallet with a token found through a smart contract address not from the fx wallet assets list. It does not appear in the fxwallet, but it does show up in the explorer.