Customized validator avatar & logo update

Just because I fought to find the procedure to update the logo online : I’ll repost it here…

Continuing the discussion from f(x)Core Update 20220214: f(x)Core Supports Validator Customized Avatar:

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It looks like noone but the team has the permissions to create a pull request.

Hi @FrenchXCore You can check the following.

Instructions to update your validator’s logo

  1. fork this repo
  2. clone the forked repo under your username’s repo
    git clone your-github-username /fx-validator-list.git
  3. checkout a new branch and name the branch
    update <your_validator’s address> logo
  4. add in the logo to your directory “ fx-validator-list /assets/ ” folder , the logo should have the following specifications:
    1. Ensure it is in a .png format
    2. Rename it to “logo”
    3. File size cannot be bigger than 2MB
    4. The recommended image size is 800*800
  5. Commit and push the changes to your own GitHub repo
  6. Once done, compare & create a pull request
  • update fxcore validator.json
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Thanks @wm451 !

Your instructions helped, but were not enough.
I’m using Intellij IDEA Community, and my GitHub repo is FrenchXCore (FrenchXCore) · GitHub.
I deposited 2 pull requests on the FunctionX repo (one for mainnet, one for testnet).

This is what I had to do:

  1. From GitHub website, fork the fx-validator-list.git repository into my own GitHub repo
  2. Into IntelliJ IDEA, open it from VCS and clone it
  3. Into IntelliJ IDEA, checkout a new branch and name it <my validator address>_logo
  4. Into IntelliJ IDEA, replace the “.png” logo inside the right “./assets/<my validator address” folder
  5. Into IntelliJ IDEA, commit and push the change onto my GitHub repo
  6. Into IntelliJ IDEA, create a pull request between the 2 repos (FunctionX and mine)

I’m assuming very few people will be able to proceed…

So, let’s say that I can provide the service for 10 $FX to anyone in need to do it :slight_smile:
PM me in such a case with the logo and the validator address from your official validator forum address, then send the “Starbuck’s” $FX to fx1y8yygve3q5sdsh5rw56q86m2udnxlap3ned0v8


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Oh Wow. @FrenchXCore Thank you again for your well-detailed guide! It is very clear and well-written, I will actually reference it to update the in the repo! :smiley:

Well, wait a bit then. I’ll update it with even more detailed instructions…

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Here it is (just a proposal) :

In order to update either your mainnet or testnet validator’s logo, please go through the following steps.


  • you’ll need to have your own GitHub account set up : Create a GitHub account
  • you’ll need IntelliJ IDEA Community installed : IntelliJ IDEA Community download
  • you’ll need your logo file in the PNG format : 800 pixels * 800 pixels * 72 dpi - not bigger than 2 MB - renamed as ‘logo.png’
  • you’ll need your FX validator address (‘fxvaloper1…’)

Once your environment is set up and you’re logged into your GitHub account :

  1. Fork the FX team’s repo

    • Go and fork this repo : fx-validator-list repo fork page
    • ‘Owner’ should show your account name
    • ‘Repository name’ should show ‘fx-validator-list’
    • Click ‘Create fork’
    • Once forked, you’ll land on your GitHub account ‘fx-validator-list’ project’s fork page.
    • Click on the green ‘Code’ icon, make sure ‘HTTPS’ is selected and click on the copy icon beside the URL path
    • This should show briefly ‘Copied!’
  2. Clone your fork locally

    • Open Intellij Community IDEA application
    • On the ‘Welcome to IDEA’ welcome page, make sure ‘Projects’ tab is selected on the left, and click ‘Get from VCS’ in the top-right corner
    • Make sure ‘Repository URL’ is selected in the tabs on the left side of the new window, and ‘Git’ is selected in ‘Version control’
    • Paste the URL you copîed from your GitHub account in the ‘URL:’ field
    • Tell the IDE where to store your fork of the project on your computer in the ‘Directory:’ field
    • Click ‘Clone’
    • …soon, the project will open on the ‘’ file.
    • On the left part of the window, make sure the ‘Project’ tab is selected
  3. Checkout a new branch

    • Right-click the ‘fx-validator-list’ item in the ‘Project’ tab on the left
    • Select ‘Git’ → ‘New branch’
    • Name the new branch ‘update_[your FX validator address]_logo’ (e.g. ‘update_fxvaloper1z67rkadwrp2nf4zwxpktpqnw969plelyjj5alt_logo’)
    • Leave only ‘Checkout branch’ checkbox ticked and click ‘Create’
    • The bottom-left corner should show a green highlighted ‘Checked out new branch [branch name] from HEAD’
  4. Modify your logo and commit the modification

    • On the left part of the window, make sure the ‘Project’ tab is selected and navigate through the explorer to find the folder applicable to the validator which logo you want to modify
    • You’ll find all current validators logos either in ‘./mainnet/assets/’ or in ‘./testnet/assets’
    • Copy and paste your logo file ‘logo.png’ from your local computer into the applicable project’s folder
    • The ‘logo.png’ file should soon appear with a different (blue) color in IntelliJ IDEA Community ‘Project’ tab
    • In the ‘Project’ tab, right-click the ‘fx-validator-project’ → ‘Git’ → ‘Commit directory…’
    • You should see a ‘Commit to [your branch name]’ window opening on the left-side of the screen
    • Enter a brief comment for your commit (e.g. : ‘logo update’)
    • Left-click the blue ‘Commit’ button on the bottom-left side
    • Your logo file shoudl disappear from the list of files to be committed
    • You can check anytime if your modification is correct by selectin the ‘fx-validator-list’ and right-click → Git → Compare with branch → ‘origin/master’ → double-click ‘logo.png’
  5. Push modification to the team

    • Select ‘Git’ in the main menu at the top → then ‘GitHub’ → ‘Create pull request…’
    • Click ‘Create pull request’ button at the bottom

Your browser GitHub fork page should now show a pull request is expecting in the queue for the team to be picked up.
After a few days, if your logo update is not yet picked up by the team, don’t hesitate to leave a message on this forum thread.


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