DAO Dapp idea 💡

So I’ve thought of a fresh idea just now sort of thing. So it definitely needs polishing.

What if the team made a Dapp or Google form, I think it works better with a fx Dapp, to allow a preliminary (test run feedback on proposals) but structured a little different.

So for example all the questions are pre-defined (but room to add more by the feedback giver).

We can carefully craft the sets of questions. This can be used for complex or simple propositions. Also the questionnaire Dapp for any proposal, the user are required to give a score of 1 to 10 point, ten being excellent.

In the end a percentage score or rating is given. And this can be used by the proposer to get feedback where it’s strengths and weaknesses are, and where it scored low. This is good because not everyone is fully engaged or won’t comment what they think. Incentives can be given to fill in the feedback form, this can be tied to your fx address. Over time the questions can be more accurate and more of the communities learn along the way.

So the questions are like this;

  1. does the proposer have a wp, if so rate it
  2. do they have any credentials or previous Dapps?
  3. do they have a roadmap (if so rate it, no is 1 point)
  4. Is it viable to produce the product/s with the funds requested?
  5. Is the use case good for fx, Pundi or purse?

Total number of feedbackers can be shown transparently and a system is built surrounding this simple Dapp.

In the future this FX-Score can be published (tweeted, medium article etc) for the not so active dao members and a quick infograph results showing all the detailed votes from each questions or categories (depending on how this is setup) and users are able to vote without having to read too deep into a proposal project.

So in short, all this is a bonus for the eco, the community long term and dao proposals. This won’t be the final vote of course but a good indication of it.

Because reading through all the comments and assessing the pros and cons is time consuming, and if, when fx is successful and many prospects come through, no one will be able to keep up…

Also if a committee (professionals) entered their questions within the Dapp for us to fill in as well, even better, we just need to know the questions.

The institutes can use this fx dao score.

I am actually surprised a website ain’t already created with many professionals giving out these scores with a fee submission, and bringing this back to projects, such as certix audit for example.

Maybe if all the committees met up lol. Anyways just an :bulb: please brainstorm if it’s worth it or not. It might be much easier moving ahead in the future.

Let me know your thoughts, thanks.


Simulation based on AI testing out several senarios plus assistance tool for users.

That’s awesome.

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Something like this style from other crypto to starting

As example.

Inside style as Trello app

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Oh nice, I was not aware of any of these things out there, so this is good to know. This space is extremely difficult to keep up with :sweat_smile:.