DAOverse creation proposal - Welcome to the DAOverse

Welcome to the DAOverse Whitepaper Rev0.1 EGF funding proposal version

the idea behind the daoverse is quite simple, but the goal is so incredible big and the execution might be one of the most complex that was tried so far.

we want to make the world a better place and try to give every person, regardless of gender, ethnicity, wealth and heritage the same chances of social acceptance, prosperity and equality.

to find a home if they have none, to find shelter if needed, to bring joy in their lives, to make friends and create a family, to grow themselves into helping others.



8 random numbers on a screen?
Yes you mint 8 random numbers which are used for the Character Generation



With the Blindbox NFT it is possible to trade it in for a daoverse Character once launched and the numbers determine the Character outcome



once our Metaverse has launched it will be possible to use the Character in all Applications, for example as Player in a game or as Avatar in social media



whats a metaverse without the Community.
Connect with People, Plan Activities, play games and Vote in the DAO to make the DAOverse and the world a better place



there will be Marketplaces where you can trade your NFTs with others, easy like sitting together and trading a cardgame



We are developing a cross chain functional Blockchain with its own Coin. Be rewarded for enhancing the Metaverse or playing games. We are aiming to make it possible to use this coin in the real Life.
Play → Earn → Live

Now to the Proposal Draft:

1. Number of $FX requested (incubator fund) :

823.000 FX

  • for getting into self-sufficient mode about 2 years faster and start with game development directly instead of 2023.
  • Project Total cost are around 10 Million for core franchise with infinite room for growth and collaborations

as reference for AAA games and why we want 823k fx. (videos of the quality at end of the proposal)
823k is only the beginning that we need to get onto the first valuestreams to get our project further.
We go for the incremental approach to hold the risk level low while getting into value streams at the same time as we are developing the metaverse.
The full development cost can easily add up to 10-100 million depending on how big we create it.

So why should we fund us with only 823k if we say it will cost about 5 or 10 million in total.

  1. the 823k is to kickstart the development. Right now @kuzoIV and i work unpaid and overtime hours. That cant just stay that way forever and we need to pay additional people and marketing to kick this of.
  2. with this we can reach the first step of monetarisation (nft completion and selling of nfts in about 6 or 7 months which will us provide with the next around 700k to 1M funds) and the 2nd step of monetarisation (launch of own blockchain coin, around 1-2 million) in about 12 months

that way we can act with a great development power right from the start and we can push this project to success without bringing too much risk to the FX holders. We really want to make the fx ecosystem a big success, thats why we want to propose it at the egf fund exclusively.

You are the first we ask and hopefully we dont have to go to other chains and can build it here on fx. We really want to build it here.

2. Proposal belongs to which segments:

Consumer / Developer

3. Incubator fund distribution timeframe and milestones

Funding gets distributed directly after proposal ends to ensure liquidity at all times and budgets can be projected. (bear market is expected to hit end of Q1 2022, we need to prepare for that)

23k FX will be used to cover expenses for licensing, hosting, founding of the company, tech and software.

Team already covered for around 10k from their own pockets and founding of the company (7k) and trademarking (6k) add up to a total of 23k initial cost.

Around 25k will be in a liquid wallet for all expenses like licenses, marketing or employee wages.

For the first big milestones Ready NFT series and 1st game we will need about 250k FX per year, full team would be per quarter… to cover all the costs including employees (at least 2 designers and 2 programmers and 1 social media / marketing person)

200k will go into the soon to be founded DAOverse FX Validator where the generated income will cover the daily costs or will be compounded into the validator.

Every FX coin that is not needed in that time will flow in to a 2nd liquidity wallet where i (Patrick) personally will act as market maker, e.g. on the very popular Kucoin exchange which really has liquidity problems to help the growth of FX trading volume. This wallet can also be used to provide Liquidity for other Exchanges (DEX, CEX) and for merchants once the economic system is in place.

If any expense is needed it will first be drawn out of the

  • 1st liquidity wallet (25k wallet)
  • the validator profits (flowing into 1st liquidity wallet or back into the validator if 1st liquidity wallet exceeds 25k)
  • 2nd liquidity wallet (market maker)
  • only as LAST RESORT validator

Roadmap (with timings if the proposal is successful):

Phase I (in progress)

Start Minting Process with Blindboxproject NFTs - Done
create Character classes and Subclasses Lists - Done
create the #rollthedice Decision Tree - Done
create the Behind the scenes Videos - January
create the first 3d Model of each class - Done
create the Lore and World Map - February 2022
launch Homepage - Done
create all 3d Models for the Alpha edition - June 2022
create the #rollthedice and class reveal events and videos - 4 videos per month
create the NFTs on the blockchain - July 2022
create a low fee marketplace for dynamic Trading possibilities- collaboration in progress (will be ready with launch of full first nft series)
airdrop the DAOverse NFTs to the Blindbox NFT Holders - July 2022
increase marketing Effort - February 2022
enlarge Social media Team - February 2022

Phase II (no start before NFTs are minted or getting funded by EGF)

found “daoverse games” as official company - Q1 2022
worlwide trademark “Daoverse” - Q1 2022
increase developers team if necessary - Q1 2022
development of the first game - Start in Q1, 6 months for first increment
development of DAOverse Blockchain - 6 months? maybe faster, depending on FX development
development of DAOverse governance process - 1 months after Blockchain launch
Release of DAOverse Blockchain coin - with Blockchain launch
connection of DAOverse Blockchain coin to the markets - 1-3 dex and cex for launch Q3 2022
List DAOverse coin on XPOS retail point of sale systems - TBD
List DAOverse coin on DEXes and CEXes - Q3 2022
Release DAO voting platform - TBD
Finalize the first Game with the community on the DAO platform - december
Release of 2nd or 3rd Editions if the demand is too high - TBD after NFT launch in July
Release of the first game - TBD

Phase III (Start: Working DAO, blockchain and 1st game)

DAO proposals for extension of the DAOverse (e.g. integration of social media platform etc.) - TBD
world domination – SOON

4. Description of the proposal, including the name of the proposal, mechanics of the proposal, benefits to Function X, team introduction etc.

Name: DAOverse

Target Markets: NFT, gaming, social media, metaverse, play to earn, gamefi

Projected users: 7k-15k first year, 28k-100k 2nd year, 100k-500k 3rd year after funding

planned Products:

  • Alpha NFT series (pre launch mint with blindboxproject, 7777 mints)
    • Secondary NFT editions and ongoing Story (minting amount depending on demand)
    • One NFT = 1 Character
  • Additional NFT series for items and property and real estate
  • Merchandise shop with real life products, for example 3d printed models of the nfts
  • Side/multichain to FXcore with blockchain coin DVG (DAOverseGold)
    • Crosschain functionality with FX/Pundix
    • Usability on XPOS
    • Earn in the metaverse for playing games, development or services in the metaverse
    • CEX and DEX listings
    • EUR/USD Ramp on
    • Staking NFT and coins for game access, profit and DAO voting
  • Franchise HUB
    • „TheSIMS“ like city where the characters live (all economic features support DVG, fx, pundix, purse and a fx stable coin)
      • build their home (property and real estate nfts)
      • trading their nfts (NFT marketplace, potential collab with FOX gaming)
      • going to the bank (fxdex)
      • going shopping (xpos retail and online stores)
      • can meetup (social media extensions)
      • can play various games in the Arcade (dApp and play store, external developers possible)
      • city develops with new editions, events and DAO voting (Civilization like)
  • Main Game
    • Mixture between „final fantasy“, „world of warcraft“ and „Tactic/autobattle“ games
    • Bookable professional written storyline (multiverse, different timelines and realities… starting in fantasy main world)
    • Play to earn (for pvp and for city development quests and main story, DVG and tradeable nft items)
    • Integration of 16personalities.com test
      • Different paths for different personalities
      • Unique social experience

the Team:

CEO: @Alchimist

I am Patrick Schnelle. 37 years old and living in Hamburg, germany. I studied chemistry at the university of Bielefeld, germany. After my decision to stop persuing the PhD i continued with studying quality and project management. Once i achieved my degrees i was Quality engineering for 6 years in one of the biggest health company of the world Johnson&Johnson. Since only one job was boring i studied markets, insurance and investment and got my official authorization as full-fledged insurance and investment broker while working at J&J. I achieved the degree in 2015 and am working as investment broker ever since.

This year i had the idea of the DAOverse and i quit my full time engineering job to fullfill the requirements of a ceo and buy me a dog (Mycroft, super sweet beagle puppy) of my FX rewards :D. Now i work on the DAOverse and as self-employed investment broker.

I am a 1st day investor of functionx (shark size) and was starting with pundix some months before that.

Currently I do all the ceo and concept work. Starting from building the company, trademarking the products, managing the media accounts, directing the development of the Story and do the networking.

Since I have quiet some years of experience in singing, recording and voice acting I also speak the narrator and produce the videos and trailers that you can find on twitter and youtube.

If you didn’t see them yet. You will also find them at the end of this proposal.

CDO: Pundix Sherif @kuzoiv

I am Shady Metwaly. I studied interior design at AU in United Arab Emirates just because i loved artwork and thought it will be cooler than studying graphics and did xD.
So i worked in serveral companies about 6 in past 5 years gaining experinces and getting more networks. So in these years i were jumping from software to another so i had chance to master
large list of softwares (Feeling lucky). So while roaming around i thought to dig in for artwork as i really like anime (Japanese Anime).

So with time ongoing i started creating 3D characters and Game Maps. It actually turned from side hobby to major hobby as i enjoy everybit and part of time am working on it and crypto market had helped me alot with it as am working now as freelance interior designer and living on passive income.

With all that said when i earned blindbox gaurdianship (Thanks to community) i were so happy and went even more happy when DAOVerse invented.

So i had been working on all Designs and artwork for characters and map designs and will continue working on it further on line as this to me is more of enjoying my time than being a job or role.

Just small thing am a cat person who loves cat as hell so dont be surprised to see a cat or two in the game hehe maybe kitty world who knows xD, Peace!


Already Active:

  • blindboxproject (bluestitch and indra from pundix / fx team)
  • GorillaVerlag (2 professional writers for the story of the metaverse and games)
  • NERIS Analytics Limited (creator of the 16personalities.com test, they accepted and allowed our request to use the test for our metaverse)
  • Chris3dTerrain (3d printing manufacturer for printing the models in real life, shipment worldwide)

Can be activated as soon as we have funding or can start with the 3d model minting:

  • CMO joining the founders: MG (CMO for different nft projects and influencer marketing manager EU for Razer gaming, „i just have to make the call after funding“)
  • 2-4 Game developers
  • 2-4 3d Designers
  • 5+ nft projects which want to do collaborations

5. Reasons why the project should be selected and supported and included an analysis of the competitive landscape.

We will build an absolute people magnet, raising the user numbers of fx wallet by over a tenfold (from currently 3k users to over 30k in first step and to over 100k in 2 years).

Every marketing measure and aspect will be used to generate range and interest not only for DAOverse but especially for FX too.

By building a DAOverse FX Validator we actively push the decentralization of fx and will bring many more people into the delegation of FX since we will actively push it to our users.

By Building an easy to connect cross chain-able and easy to use metaverse we want to (and let fx/pundix) profit from every value stream that is currently usable by the masses in non-blockchain worlds gaming and social app sector.


The 3d model NFTs we are creating are the highest quality standard of the whole market, there are 1 or 2 competitors creating 3d model game ready #nextgennfts, but actually they lack of the metaverse they can be used in and are less complex than ours. We believe we can easily sell out once all 3d nfts are ready and achieve a community size of 100k+ in 1 year around the primary sale.

The customer Experience journey will ensure that everybody entering the DAOverse will use products and services of fx/pundix

We create the first metaverse which can interact with every blockchain (thanks to fx) and can go all the way from earning by playing (thanks to daoverse) to buying the bread at the bakery (thanks to pundix).

It will be built as DAO to include the community wishes and includes a playstore structure, so we can build up the own steam or google play store in the metaverse. (or link it to a fx based infrastructure)

As soon its ready we want to create a unique Blockchain metaverse experience for users of the BOB mobile OS (thanks to fx again)

6. Include attachments, such as GitHub links, product prototype, video, planning, blueprint, twitter, etc.





Discord: https://discord.gg/F2PW6Pbnkh

Class Trailer 1-10

Class Trailer 11-20


here we have our brand new and not yet released Story and footage cinematic trailers!!!

7. Additional information

This Forum proposal is meant to present a pre proposal before the real Proposal.
This Forum post will be put into an actual whitepaper after getting the last Questions answered.
We want to hold a live AMA session after Chistmas for all Validators, Delegators and supporters prior to the proposal.
If you have a Question, feel free to ask it and please dont forget to vote.

#rollthedice #nft #metaverse

Closing words of the CEO @alchimist

I found a possibility to make a dream come true by founding this company.
Now i have everything that is needed to build this project and bring it to success, except the funding.
The fact that i quit a 100k engineering job and already put in around 10k expenses shows that i am really commited to this.
I really, i mean REALLY want to launch it on FXcore with everything that is possible to bring this ecosystem to new highs. I hope that this proposal is accepted and we can start working for FX.
I will build it no matter what. I hope it will be on FX.

This project will be a game changer for the Blockchain it will be build on. There is actually no project of this Quality / decentralization / DAO Approach. All other projects are either less in Quality or are not build the decentralized way.

@everybody have a nice chistmas, chanukka, new years… i hope you can be with your dearest

This is the way. Thank you.

Do not delete this part
Disclaimer: This poll is just a tool to get the sentiment around this proposal and it will NOT affect on-chain voting in any way. If your proposal is getting a good sentiment around the community, it might signal that the proposal is good to go to the next phase, otherwise, some modifications might be necessary.

  • YES
  • NO

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BOOM HERE IT GOES :fire::fire:The proposal is out :relaxed:

TIME FOR GOING FULL BOOST :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Are you creating a new coin for the meta verse or using one of the existing coins: PUNDIX, FX, or PURSE?

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I am very excited for this project and a proud owner of minted #322. Absolutely yes!


we will need a blockchain with a seperate coin for using in the daoverse for the utility. But we are aiming to make it possible to use fx, pundix and purse aswell in the metaverse.

we try to give profit to every aspect of the ecosystem


Thats brilliant…absolutely brilliant.


How do u plan to distribute those tokens ??

Impressive, I enjoyed the amount of details and clarity that you added to the proposal. I’m voting yes on this!


That’s still to be determined.
Active supporters will have a vote in this Prior to the launch.


Thanks :relaxed: we will build something big here.

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This is just huge.
And my only question would be : will the token be built on FxCore and how will you guarantee that ?


Yes it will be.
Hmm good question how I guarantee that.
I just want to build it there because fx is the perfect place to build because of the multi cross chain Support.
Could you think of a solution for it? Maybe a contract?
Since we want to build dao and Didnt Plan the token further than being on fx and the concept of the tokenomics we didnt finalized it yet.
We want to connect the token to every current token and the dex and make it a multi chain of fx core.

Maybe we give the last Word in the token creation to the fx team?
Or fix a Payback of the egf funding when not launched on fx?
I mean the team have my Personal Adress which is my company Adress aswell and can easily find me :sweat_smile:

Since I am officially investment broker in Germany I would Lose my license if I would do a crazy Stunt I really dont want to push that. :sweat_smile:

But if you have an idea Feel free to give us a hint. Otherwise it will be Part of the funding discussion with the team.

Thanks for Bringing it up


As long as EGF pays for it and your company drafts a letter engaging itself to refund back in case the project, or a derivative, would migrate out of the PundiX/FunctionX blockchain ecosystem to the FunctionX company, i’m fine.
But that engagement would be required.


Engagement shall be mandarory.

I am a first day investor of fx and just want to bring this idea to the next Level.

And yes a letter will be drafted for that.


Hello, when do this proposal will actually be selected for a pre vote?

Pre vote? What do you mean?
This is the pre vote. After this comes the governance voting of the fx validators and delegators.

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This is a nobrainer.
So perfectly worked out proposal.
And reading the further plans for DAOverse makes me even more excited about it, very professional!


As far as I’m concerned, you have a preliminary “yes” from FrenchXCore-1 delegator. Just waiting on the future détails, now.

But since the team manages the first 20 delegators, i’d like to know what their delegators will vote as well. @zaccheah

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I support this project 1000%