DAOverse creation proposal - Welcome to the DAOverse

Thanks for your recommendations, really appreciated :slight_smile:

but this was no hasty decision, it was well thought through to launch it since september… we knew that the success was far away with the still high centralization and we needed the company votes anyway to succeed. without this proposal i dont think this would have been changed the way it is in discussion right now. The “pressure” of this proposal made this move.
Somebody had to do this move, was it risky? of course it was. But without that risky pioneer work nothing will move in these markets. And we have to move or loose the market share we are aiming to get.

2nd we have to launch this soon or the timing will be off for the initial nft sale and marketing… we just cant wait another few months and delay the release even further.
Take this proposal as opportunity gift for the community.
If it wont be accepted we will find another way to release it with VC Seed round etc. we actually had many requests regarding that which we all postponed to after the proposal, since we still wanted to give the fx community this ONE shot to get the project exclusively.

be ensured we have plan B to Z for the funding and release.

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Hi !

I was just talking about opening another thread to discuss governance issues for future proposals, not about this current proposal. :wink:


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rollthedice #2 is out :scream::partying_face:

see everything we are building. Full project and product overview. Vote for us at
@FUNCTIONX_IO proposal. sorry for the camera at the beginning. new camera arrived 1 day late. Next episode will be recoreded with new 4k camera. Youtube need especially long to convert HD version right now. It will soon be available in up to 4k HD


I’ve vote yes

Txt 0xFD38A060B4AC631664DAE8AD92CB9A57C5531EC74EC86984CF0F00D95B44D281


Just to point out to those who are not in the know, that Patrick and Shady have helped out 100s if not 1000s of pundi/fx users in telegram groups over the many years.

I think it’s important to know this side.

Also Shady had even helped out recently with Pundians exchange fx erc20 to fx core, to mitigate the high eth fees.

Let’s not forget some of these things and those that were helped, advised, guided, shown patience with, etc over the many years - A little help to achieve their skill set exploitations and their dreams is not asking a lot tbh.

We can grow this project all together (which is something that they want as well), and it will be fun from our end as eco holders to plug in ideas and see their developments.

Ask yourself, when was the last time, anyone had a vote or an idea to input into something like a game or metaverse? This is our opportunity.


Just go and Vote people, Have faith this will be big for your future; It’s no skin off you really.

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Voted Yes.
But I think there are still a lot of things to be ironed out

  1. Tech requirements especially in terms of deploying it on our chain
  2. A more detailed breakdown and research on the funds used
  3. Overall architecture of the game and link to the blockchain
  4. How would it benefit FX holders other than bringing in transaction fees, what about airdropping the NFTs to FX holders?
  5. I’m more for getting out the first part of the product which is the NFTs. Before focusing on the Daoverse.
  1. Tech requirements especially in terms of deploying it on our chain

i think @KuzoIV can explain the requirements for the game better, he already told me in detail but i dont want to say something wrong.

tech requirements for the blockchain will be actually not that much. Since we wont deploy the full game data on the chain we will need the chain for the profiles, the transactions, the nfts and full connectivity with the fx wallet to make the NFT staking and Login Checks in the wallet to grant access to the metaverse.

  1. can work on a detailed description and post later or tomorrow (have a packed day dont know if i can get a full one out today)

  2. same

  3. airdropping character nfts is actually from the table. we cant drop a 0.05 ETH worth nft for just voting with 100 fx or so. But we already said we would give every participant of the vote a profile badge for it with is an ultra rare item nft which only voters will get, no chance to ever get it again.
    adittionally we plan the launch of a FXcore blockchain coin to build up the economics and get a seed funding round for the further development. The FX voters will have a special early bird whitelist spot for the sale and will get a % of the sale as airdrop to their wallets.

  4. yes true and the nfts are 90% priority focus for the next 6 months and release them by July. Story, blockchain and Game development will take the other 10% to start what has to be started as soon as possible.
    We will have full focus to get the NFTs out and build a community asap.


On the tech and deployment side of things. As discussed, I will support you whenever I can :grinning:
Would be great to see this through!


perfect :slight_smile: thx…
i wanted to engineer on a perfect minting and distribution process later and then discuss with you what will be possible of it.

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Thanks :raised_hands:

Using FX-Core:

We will use Blockchain for storage and syncing purposes.

  • we will use the nft explorer for previewing
    characters and other items (already
  • if there will be soon available FXTP we can use
    this as our domain for onchain storage and
    dapp interactions
  • we will be using onchain data storage which
    saves: Thumbnail, profile text info,
    achievements progress and map-checkout as
    last seen area.
  • if there will be soon available ipfs storage we
    will definitely occupy space for cloud storage to
    our base .

Light weight data shall be used onchain.
Remaining game related files will be stored on the machine of user.

So we will keep most of data onchain and offline on user device. We will avoide using centralized services to avoid hacks and data theft while try to max use decentralized environment.

There will be detailed page provided for the initial hierarchy structure.

Game architect:
As for the game architect we will be using unreal engine 5 as game engine.

So we will be using Directx 12 API as it allow us to actual lower texture streaming and memory budgeting than other graphic engines and it’s compatible to our plan giving higher performance without sarcificing visuals.

For sound engine we will use metasound which have blasting results in unreal engine 5

As for controls we will use keyboard mouse and hmd at some modes.

And lastly about AI we are using a highly advanced script which widely used in gaming industry.

So this is summary for our approach as Patrick said we will be giving further details documented with us going further in development.

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Hey Brother and sisters,
the last day of the voting will soon start and we hope you all are going to the vote. If you want to stay neutral it’s important to vote “Abstain”. Every nonvoter will actively impede the vote to reach the Quorum, so is not neutral at all.

Thank you all for the big support we are getting and we are really thrilled to build this world together with you all. Every voice will be heard, regardless if its design recommendations or game mechanics etc. We are in this to build the game everybody ever wanted together with the gaming community.
From gamers, for gamers.
For every other part like the marketing, which i know wasn’t really focus at FX and Pundix yet, we are more open for discussion and will be actively producing content and work with influencers.

For the people feeling unsecure if 823k fx (currently 450k USD) is too much, here is another axample of a funding round for 5.5M, and our work is much more complex.

this is actually what they build… its nothing compared to what we are doing… and they got 5.5 M

Please look again into our proposal and vote at least abstain if you want to stay neutral since not voting is actively impeding the project and not neutral at all.

Thank you all. Let’s build this world together.


Hear! Hear! Please do vote - even if it’s voting to Abstain. This deserves everyone’s support.


How about this raise includes 20 - 30% equity ownership and another 20 - 30% token ownership? @Alchimist do u know?

even if they give up 40% its over 600% more than we ask for… its an example…
would you feel better if we give 40% ownership to FX and ask for 5.5M too? i would sign that in 5 sec if you want that.


Hi @zaccheah , @DavidK !

The suspense is too high and I really can’t focus on coding, right now :slight_smile: !!!
I would fully understand that the team is waiting 'til the end to do a last-minute vote, for us to gather as many people to vote as possible and to observe community involvement… but still ! You are concerned with our health during this bitcoin-crash : I went out, practiced sport, and still I’m not gonna be able to get some sleep as long as I don’t know the result for the “best-ever” proposal made on this ecosystem.

Right now, even if team was voting ‘abstain’, the proposal would PASS (current YES = 93.2%).
We’re still missing 53.9M FX votes, and the only party who could get this proposal to go thru the quorum parameter is the TEAM.

I would love to suggest that the team votes “ABSTAIN”, at least from the following addresses (Ecosystem genesis Fund) :

  • fx1pgmjd400qfkh6t2hu7gnme47wdj6adwwa2wkam : 21.98M $FX (7.3M $FX partly delegated to public validators which already voted)
  • fx1j59we8wnp72sna8fjdchpkf0s62m0q9va5yv03 : 14.22M $FX
  • fx19ukzjkag6n4lqgejfu33046qc036rw76thgsqv : 13.44M $FX
  • fx1mtsq7ta90r3xj35q5sq3tcudelkyhzlh8dufzp : 10.00M $FX
  • fx1wv2el7g92raz5jcv4fhsjvdcxl3hyqdd59repg : 9.94M $FX

That would leave us to a total “ABSTAIN” vote of 62.27M $FX from the team.

We currently have 64.76M $FX of YES, 1.29M FX of NO, and 3.43M FX of ABSTAIN.
That would give us a 64.76M $FX of YES, 1.29M FX of NO and 65.70M FX of ABSTAIN.
Since we’re counting ABSTAIN for the quorul, but not in the adoption of the proposal (50% threshold), this would drive us to a fair adoption of the proposal. I think it’s thus fair if the team votes ABSTAIN from those EGF addresses. Come on : it’ll take you less than 1 minute.

fxcored tx gov vote 8 ABSTAIN --from {key name for address fx1pgmjd400qfkh6t2hu7gnme47wdj6adwwa2wkam}
fxcored tx gov vote 8 ABSTAIN --from {key name for address fx1j59we8wnp72sna8fjdchpkf0s62m0q9va5yv03}
fxcored tx gov vote 8 ABSTAIN --from {key name for address fx19ukzjkag6n4lqgejfu33046qc036rw76thgsqv}
fxcored tx gov vote 8 ABSTAIN --from {key name for address fx1mtsq7ta90r3xj35q5sq3tcudelkyhzlh8dufzp}
fxcored tx gov vote 8 ABSTAIN --from {key name for address fx1wv2el7g92raz5jcv4fhsjvdcxl3hyqdd59repg}

If you give me the private keys of those addresses, I’ll do it for you (just kidding, ok???).

So please : Spare us the stress !!! I really need some sleep ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll do a sleep strike until you guys answer !!! :tired_face: :tired_face: :sleeping: :sleeping:


Vote :ballot_box: :muscle::muscle:

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I vote yes

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A special Tribute to a special ecosystem