Dapps Mining and R&D Budget

Hi, I was going through some articles to figure out how many coins have been allocated for R&D for FX ecosystem. From my understanding, 20% of EGF funds have been allocated for development of Dapps.

Question 1: 20% of ICO were reserved for engineering. Are these funds being used for team R&D or was this the team’s stake in the project?

Question 2: looking at the fx coin distribution table for next 15 years, there are more then 733 million coins allocated to be “mined” by developers through Dapps. Can someone please explain what this mining entails? Can these funds be considered R&D budget?

I am just trying to figure out how much R&D money is left/allocated.

that chart is the proposed 15 year network dispersal of rewards to the validators governance and not a part of the EGF as far as i’m aware, No funds of the EGF have been allocated to anything yet, ico funds are not FX funds as far as I’m aware, allocations of ICO funds would be stored in it’s own storage, no point doing math on the project funds management it’s a private business they will not share you details. on a side note most funds for the FX eco system would be still in early stages of allocations FX mainnet only being new, ICO funds for Xpos manufacture will still have their own allocated funds and management

My questions are about the fund allocation from FX coin supply, not the funds raised by foundation through ICO.

Specifically, who/how will Developer funds be “mined” in the coming years.

you would have to go through the Hashout article’s they outlined most of those details before a few times, I’m sure a % of Block rewards created over the 15 year dispersals are allocated to Development; which are not a part of the EGF