Decide the order public validator goes live on Pundi X Chain

Dear Community,

The application period for the Pundi X Chain validator has ended, and we have received 43 applications! That’s a number worth celebrating. Thank you for being so supportive of Pundi X as always.

Now the decision is in your hands. Each of you holds 2 votes to help decide the ordering of which public validators will go live. The voting period starts now to Feb 13, 2023 23:59 GMT+8.

    1. FoxGaming
    1. ByteX
    1. Izm Narif
    1. Crunchie Pig
    1. Tanuki -
    1. Jerome Ogayon
    1. Claudio Barros
    1. Aghanism
    1. IoTelecom Ibérica SL
    1. Gaspar Segovia Garcia
    1. FxWorld
    1. Abdurraouf
    1. The kuzoIV
    1. Scale Moment
    1. Aravan
    1. Pramot sateme
    1. Mehdi Dhakouani
    1. Crypto Kid
    1. Superbit123
    1. Nodeverse
    1. brarbtc
    1. OfficialZavior
    1. martyna Colberg
    1. Outerspace Staking
    1. MCCDAC
    1. Metaseeds Ventures
    1. Dymytrii Burlachenko
    1. kenorb
    1. Denis Shergin
    1. Ecilos Metaverse
    1. My Cognitive LTD
    1. EA31337
    1. Joseph D Milo
    1. Bohdan Tokarchuk
    1. janne oksanen
    1. Felipe Oliveira Bianchini
    1. Vincent Soeboer
    1. kostas siokas
    1. Ok (
    1. Faith Christian Academy
    1. Alexander
    1. Alaeddine
    1. FrenchXCore

0 voters

The final number of validator openings will be determined by the #1 governance proposal on Pundi X Chain, you are encouraged to participate in the first DAO voting on Pundi X Chain. Please make sure you have $PUNDIX on Pundi X Chain for the gas fee when voting.

We will reach out to the validator candidates based on the voting result to assist with the node setup matters.

Let’s make Pundi X Chain stronger, more secure, and decentralized!

All the candidates are welcome to introduce yourselves in the comments, so the community can know you better!


I thanks to all my Voters for ByteX on the time to wait your can too Delegate to ByteX on FunctionX Function X StarScan Many thanks in Advance.
best regards Sylvia


It’s good to see my validator is on the list :grin:, I pick The kuzo IV because already in list have pundix sherif as node name(which is company validator not mine) :blush:. Appreciate your votes :white_check_mark:


Voted! I got late this time… I hope to see my name in that list in the near future… Congrats!


I am also late, hoping to get a place in the validators list.

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