DeFi project Baklava Space looking to tap MarginX liquidity

Hi BlueStitch, I will be happy to share more with the FX community. Do let me know when is your all hands meeting this month.


That’s great! Our all-hands meeting will be on 28th April at 9:00 pm GMT +8.


Exciting! It’ll be a blast! :slight_smile:


Sounds good, I will be there!


Updates from Baklava Space:

We are close to launching our synthetic asset platform next month. We will be utilizing Margin X for purpose of minting synthetic BTC and ETH on Baklava space. More synthetic assets will be added in at a later stage and our plan is to add all pairs on Margin X onto the Baklava Space.

Hopefully, we can be one of the first Defi platform that utilize MarginX. We are also planning to submit the governance proposal to Function X in the upcoming weeks. More details will be published here soon.


will you add liquidity on fx-swap

Once again, A BIG THANK YOU to Baklava Space’s community for taking the leap of faith with MarginX.

After much discussion & testing, Baklava Space decided to utilise MarginX over many other leading DEX in the crypto space.

All these are made possible as MarginX’s infrastructure is building on Function X’s highly scalable, customisable and interoperable blockchain, where we can easily expand our subnet architecture to reduce traffic congestion while keeping the transaction ($FX) fees low.

Definitely the first DeFi platform, but not the last :slight_smile:

Welcome onboard once again!


for now we are focusing on MarginX, integrations with Function X’s deFi projects will be added in the near future.


Hi Keith,

Thank you for trusting MarginX as the solution for your project. I suggest you to join our All Hands Meeting next month (the date is not confirmed yet) together with MarginX. I believe there are many questions from the community and it will be very interesting to hear from you (and also MarginX team).

Let me know your thoughts.