Delegate rewards

Hello, i have juste delegated my pundix. We got two rewards : PUNDIX and PURSE.
What IS PURSE ? Thank you

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Purse is the rewards your getting for delegating the PUNDIX tokens, the pundix rewards figure I think is the value of your Purse rewards in PUNDIX value

IF i am not wrong, the PUNDIX reward is the gas fee that is being redistributed back

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that sounds more possibly right, my theory didn’t calculate

Yes, sounds great, but what are PURSE token? How much they value and what are they utilities ?

It is the reward token for delegating PUNDIX.

It acts like a loyalty point which you can then redeem for NFTs, Vouchers, XPOS, Merch and many other stuff. It is a reflective token also which means when people transfer, a portion of it is burnt, some redistributed back to holders and some adds to liquidity.

Please keep yourself up to date by reading their recent articles, cheers!

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So there is pretty much no monetary reward for delegating even though it costs a minimum $50 USD to delegate?? This isnt good!!

  1. Suggest you revisit the tokenomics for PUNDIX and the discussions and eventual adoption of the PURSE token as the NON-MONETARY rewards token for staking PUNDIX in PUNDIX Chain to get a bigger picture.

  2. PUNDIX is the native token that powers the XPOS terminals ecosystem. As the adoption and usage of XPOS for everyday transactions, PUNDIX tokens get burnt, creating, hopefully, an accelerating deflationary asset that becomes widely utilized as more people use XPOS terminals “to buy a bottle of water”; utility and network effect will hopefully create value for the token with time.

  3. You will still earn PUNDIX when you are staking PUNDIX on PUNDI Chain. These rewards are paid to you by the validator/s that you stake your PUNDIX tokens with in return for incentivizing you to stake with them to help secure the network. These validators are able to reward you because they collect transaction fees. Today, these validators are centralized. In time, these validators will be operated by anyone, including merchants who own and operate XPOS terminals, and any other applicable nodes in the PUNDIX Chain ecosystem.

Hope this helps you to see the bigger picture.

  1. Virtually everybody complains about high ETH transaction fees. I said virtually because it is actually not everybody. ETH miners rejoice at high ETH fees. With PUNDIX on PUNDIX Chain, low transaction fees is a must-have to encourage adoption and wide spread real world utility. So, if you are rooting for PUNDIX to become widely adopted in the real world for real world transactions for people to make everyday purchases, you have to decide for yourself if receiving a high monetary reward from staking PUNDIX, which is essentially paid to you by people transacting on the PUNDIX network, is what you are after. If it is, then staking on PUNDIX Chain may not be for you. The community will wrestle with a continuous tradeoff between receiving higher and higher rewards and achieving wider and wider adoption.
  1. I staked for the bigger picture

  2. I guess for me; when you look at rewards for staking Fx compared to staking Pundix, new investors may not see any benefit too staking PUNDIX we may struggle to get the numbers needed to become decentralised;

  3. I believe in this project, I just look from the outside at what a prospective investor may see;

  4. $&#k Gas fees!!! However anything that is POW needs electricity; Until we work out how to store DC energy cost effectively nothing will change this issue; ETH becoming deflationary eases this burden;

  1. Great to know.

  2. As I have expressed earlier, the community will continuously consider the tradeoffs.

  3. We are early investors/adopters of PUNDIX on PUNDIX Chain. As the effort to decentralize pick up speed, new participants with different interests other than getting staking rewards will hopefully join us. For example, merchants who operates XPOS terminals. They should grow to become the largest group of participants of the PUNDIX ecosystem. For this group, selling their merchandise would naturally be their primary interest, so anything that can help them sell more merchandise would align with them more, and if they own some PUNDIX after earning from using their XPOS terminals, they may also decide to stake to secure the network and earn from what they earn. Having strong network effect withh strengthen the ecosystem.

  4. Yes well noted.

  5. Well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your productive responses; Some good points :+1:

All good. That is what this forum is for.

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I agree with thefly, I am a pundix early adopter but the reward is very low for the moment and not motivating for investors. I Hope PURSE will be monetized

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Purse was not designed to be traded, If you are not happy with the return don’t delegate that will increase everyone else’s return, Purse is a good will gesture for helping maintain governance of the network, benefit’s are you get a great payment network PURSE is not designed to make you a millionaire but it is a return for being a great supporter, No risk No reward; if you want higher return put more $ risk in, the PURSE has no Quantity cap if everyone was paid say 10X more it will become 10X less valuable because there will be an over saturation of them.

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