Delegation $FX tokens disappears

Phone OS (Android or iOS - Apple): Huawei P30 Lite Android 10
Phone language: French
Phone resolution: 2312 X 1080
My adress : fx1gn0hz4u7qegzu4x65kycfqgjzy65vapk3u304t
My validator : Litecoin Fondation

Hi There.

Every week, I use to take my rewards from the validator and redelegate to the same.

This time yesterday, I didn’t see my amount of tokens increase.

I realize that my transaction doesn’t appear in the history of my address.

I guess it’s because of the upgrade to EVM.

I share in this post the screenshot of my delegation of yesterday for 161 Fx.

Do I lose my tokens? And Why?

Should be just a explorer error. Explorer not up to date. Should be fixed soon

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maybe this validator still doesnt upgrade.

Same happend to me, 2 hours ago.

Claimed my FX, and the showed in my wallet, but after delegating they are gone. On Explorer it shows “succes”, but no further info, " Oops, we couldnt find any result…"

Thank you Claudio. I’ve just written you a PM on Twitter.

So is my quantity available on validator gonna be fixed soon? Unfortunately, nothing fixed from my side for the moment.

Hi @sinainthecity !

I can’t speak for the team, but here’s a small investigation of your account:
I suspect the explorer and FXWallet are having small issues right now, probably because of the upgrade.
However, everything is working fine on the FXCore mainnet, so your funds are perfectly safe and nothing is being lost.

@FrenchXCore validator

Delegator address : fx1gn0hz4u7qegzu4x65kycfqgjzy65vapk3u304t

Current balance : 9.409632364483965431 FX
Delegations :
	1) 48709.229351588264468143 $FX to fxvaloper1srkazumnkle6uzmdvqq68df9gglylp3pkhuwna

Latest transactions :
1) 16/JUL/2022 10:54:08PM GMT+2 : Delegate					 161 $FX :
2) 16/JUL/2022 10:51:13PM GMT+2 : WithdrawDelegatorReward	 161 $FX :
3) 11/JUL/2022 01:27:57AM GMT+2 : Delegate					 240 $FX :
4) 11/JUL/2022 01:25:20AM GMT+2 : WithdrawDelegatorReward	 241 $FX :
5) 02/JUL/2022 03:27:39AM GMT+2 : Delegate					 115 $FX :
6) 02/JUL/2022 03:25:58AM GMT+2 : Delegate					1510 $FX :
								  WithdrawDelegatorReward	 113 $FX
7) 02/JUL/2022 03:20:20AM GMT+2 : Vote YES Proposal #10				 :
8) 27/JUN/2022 07:31:31PM GMT+2 : Delegate					 210 $FX :
9) 27/JUN/2022 07:29:07PM GMT+2 : WithdrawDelegatorReward	 211 $FX :

Problem solved.


Hi really appreciate your investigation for me!

The problem is now solved from my side.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

We have a fantastic community! The best that I know