DePIN and archival/transactional nodes (FX/PUNDIX)

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I hope this message will especially find the team (@zaccheah , @Peng , @indra …), some long-standing supporters (@SCENE, @sinainthecity , @Superbit123 , @ClaudioxBarros ,…) since I’m looking for some insight.

I think we’re currently missing a point in the DePIN narrative for FunctionX, which is to be more and more decentralized.

Currently, when using f(x)Wallet, we’re always interacting with the foundation nodes (at least 1), as an entry point for the transactions to be executed (over FX EVM, over FX Classic, or for bridging).
DePIN is all about getting impossible to being “centralized”. And a good project for this is Pocket (
This project composes a kind of “RPC distributor”. Each time a request is made to a node, it goes thru a different node (being rewarded with $POKT) unless it is not operating correctly.
Many blockchains are already seeing their nodes interconnected to Pocket network (Osmosis, Evmos, etc. → Supported Chains | POKT DOCs). I think it might be valuable, either for $FX or $PUNDIX nodes, to be connected to that system. That would allow the users to see their nodes valued, even if they’re not “validators”. And we could propose to be listed to have both “Archival” and “Transactional” nodes (FX or PUNDIX).

What would you think about this ?

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Dear FrenchXCore,

Thank you for your interest in my perspective. However, I must admit that I lack the technical expertise to assess whether this proposed choice would be suitable.

Allow me to also share my sentiments regarding the Function X blockchain.

I am generally satisfied with the decisions made regarding Function X, particularly with the bridges to Osmosis and Atom, the liquidity pool, and the MarginX application (although I’m unsure if it has reopened for trading).

I am pleased to see liquidity on Osmosis and anticipate its increase in the near future. It is unfortunate, though, that there are no APR rewards for farming on it.

However, I am less satisfied with the inclusion of dying tokens in the liquidity, especially when numerous tokens with significant potential emerge weekly.

There is a need for more applications like MarginX, engaging games, a “play to earn” concept like StepN, and perhaps a native memetoken. Look at HAVA, for instance, which is set to launch soon with a strong existing community. Why can’t Function X create something similar and airdrop it to communities like DYM, OSMO, ATOM, INJ, STRIDE, etc.

I find it unfortunate that the potential of XPOS network devices isn’t fully exploited.

Function X with Pundix is the only crypto project deploying such a vast number of machines globally. It’s also regrettable that the Function X phone was never released. I believe this may have led to the departure of many small investors, whom I enthusiastically recommended the project to in 2020, particularly during the weekly events on discord we did during the 2020 lockdowns.

This is just a glimpse of my thoughts on Function X.

Best regards,

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