Details about Function X

Since EVM launch is coming to Function X soon, i would assume that more developers and investors will start to take notice of FX.

Could we add more details about → What is Function X in CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko & Technical Doc description part? Currently there isn’t any.

There is a lot of information about Function X in the old concept paper. But that information isn’t available to users who visit CMC/CoinGecko/Technical Doc.


For example, when i visit Cosmos, they have a lot of information about What is Cosmos.

For Function X on CMC/CoinGecko, we don’t even have a What Is section.

Currently we dont have any description so if users were to visit, they won’t know what FX is about.

For Technical Doc.

Cosmos example → High-level Overview | Cosmos SDK

→ They have high-level explanation for advanced developers and basic info for normal visitors who wish to know more but don’t have the technical background/knowledge.

Their layout is also very neat and pleasing to the eyes.


Need more details for What is Function X and FXCore in advanced and basic. IBC, benefits of building on top of FXCore etc.

There is nothing, the other top 100 coins all have explanation on CMC/CoinGecko and their docs. Maybe can take some info from the old concept whitepaper or some inspiration from others.

We have a good product but it also needs to have a good description so both advanced and normal people can understand.

Here is the link to the old concept paper, they can update and/or change if there is any changes and copy paste onto those description parts →

Our medium article explains it quite well, maybe they can just copy paste it from one of the medium article into the docs.