Developer dapp to build on fx chain

Hi all
@DavionWilliams New comer on this ecosystem
Can you teach him how to get fund

@zaccheah @indra

Hi, Function X developers!
My skilled developer team can launch LaunchPad, Cross-Chain Bridge, Dex and DeFi dApps on fx chain.
And also we can launch p2e game also.

I can share link here?
Anyone please reply me.


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Yes please share your project link

welcome to function x community

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Let me know your idea for launch dApps and Game on this chain

@DavidK @orbitant @Danny

@shyngys_dev welcome

Hey, My team’s project is related to data storage of certifications on blockchain. We are currently based in Polygon.


@BlueStitch @ByteXSylvia @zerogravity


A few devs trying to reach out :muscle:

Welcome! … do refer below link for all the info on EGF that you’ll need.

My team will provide ILO, ICO on Function X

we can also provide cross-chain bridge on Function X

@orbitant @Danny

Cannot comment on behalf of Function X, as I’m not from the team.

However, I can only share what MarginX has done to get the proposal thru.

  1. Discussion with community on …
  • what’s the problem (pain point)
  • what’s the solution that you can provide
  • MVP or working product - proof of concept
  • how can it benefit this space, and most importantly; what can be done to help grow the Function X ecosystem
  • amount required, how will the fund be used (don’t ask for the sky, instead seek for tranches & milestone)
  • additional team experience (team/marketing) would definitely help
  1. Show, don’t just tell (take massive actions)

  2. Engage with the community (getting to know each other better) - build relationships, as you’ll need the community for the network effect.

  3. Be sincere and persevere … keep it real and have fun!

Below are some proposal (voted and approved) for your reference.


@shyngys_dev @DavionWilliams

Nice to have you.

I recommend to build something upfront and then show it to the community before you propose.

Proof the community your able to do what your promise :slight_smile:

Best regards