Development: Add iDeal to Fx Wallet

iDeal is used a lot in The Netherlands and has a 70 billion turnover regarding online payments. When you add this to the Fx Wallet a lot more Dutch people will actually use the Fx Wallet. There is a lot of money around here.

Adding iDeal to the Fx Wallet will give also the staking a boost with some good online marketing.

Share your thoughts about it!


Can you tell us more about how this payment processor would be used within f(x) wallet?
Are you talking about crypto purchases directly through this payment processor?

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Yes, With iDeal you can do direct online payments thru the bankaccount of the customer (trader). The money is directly withdrawn from the customersaccount and directly put on the sellers account (Fx Wallet) See for more information:

Binance also offers this and it would be a good step forward in creating a solid customer base from The Netherlands. Here some other facts:
• Since its introduction in 2005, more than 3 billion iDEAL payments were made.
• In 2019:

  • 667 million payments were made with iDEAL.
  • 60% of the Dutch eCommerce transactions were paid with iDEAL.
  • 99 million iDEAL payments were made via non-Dutch websites.
    • iDEAL is offered as a payment method by more than 125.000 online organisations.
    • Over 98% of Dutch online banking users can pay with iDEAL.
    • iDEAL is consistently in the top 10 strongest brands in the Netherlands.

If Ideal was integrated on FXwallet, this would make me any many more very very happy​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:!

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I hope they do it so I can actually buy FX tokens directly ans stake them. In this case we also avoid the eth gas transaction fee.

That would be great. Coinbase also has Ideal payment option.
The thing/challenge is that you need a euro wallet in wich you can deposit your euro’s directly from your bankdeposit.
And from there buy (or swap) euro’s to desired crypto.

Bying crypto directly through a bankaccount (thus regulated and with restrictions by goverment) is contradictory to DeFi i guess.

Besides that, from Who do you buy your coins?
Since fxwallet is a decentral one.

But maybe i’m wrong and dont want to spoil (Dutch) dreams…
So the idea is definatly worth to investigate!
Dutch market is pretty solid and growing steady.

@eduardstal, is this an option for the dev team or is the implementation of iDeal a no go?

Australia used a similar one called PayID, links your bank account via email or phone number it’s a direct instant transfer, anything i have processed this way you get the amount you transferred straight away

Still waiting for the next meeting to present this implementation idea.


How as the meeting? :smiley:

Hopefully you’ll will be able to add iDEAL.
Binance and Bitvavo already preceded you. In the Netherlands you can pay limited / poorly with credit card and iDEAL is THE payment method. iDEAL spreads across the Benelux.

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If there is Ideal, i and other Dutch ppl would very like it.

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iDEAL is a secure gateway for online payments that every bank in the Netherlands uses.

@eduardstal is this still a topic within the pundix team or will it never happen to be intergrated into the fxwallet?

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