DEX P2P Trading (Fiat-Crypto)

I think P2P trading should be included in the DEX to encourage trading of fiat for crypto in all the crypto enabled countries where XPOS is being utilized. Similar to binance.
The main reason I feel as to why the big game players don’t come and stay long onboard in fx is because there is no easy conversion to fiat for the their crypto on mainet except through ERC-20 network. That’s one of the reason I suggest DAO could be of real help. If for instance, Fx had P2P Trading like binance does (Crypto-Fiat/Fiat-Crypto) the low cost fees of transactions would earn alot of whales confidence to invest long term in Fx mainet tokens. The XPOS on the other hand would be a plus to the benefit of using fx/. Because of how volatile the crypto world is, everyone just want easy access to their money and once that is taken care of, the rest becomes history. Take bitcoin for example. It’s general acceptability makes every interested in it despite its rise and fall in value. If the P2P trading options of Crypto - fiat or Fiat - Crypto were included in DEX for instance, it would gain alot of attention from community. And more addresses even.



I still remember how I had to open a coinbase account to cash out crypto. I still use it to this day.

Only a few projects has this offering and is certainly something if the team can, should definitely implement. But I am also aware that you need a huge investment to get this going. Lets hope it becomes a reality in the future or the team is able to do some magic with BSC and other chain integrations.

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thanks for your suggestion and thanks for tagging me, but i am no part of the team, i am just an investor and supporter like you. I definetely would love to see an fiat to crypto on- and off-ramp.
This is what would make it really big. But i think for these ramps there need to be many things in order regarding compliance and regulatory @DavidK

if such an on-/off ramp is not really possible or economic then a p2p / otc Counter would be very nice to get those things done


A truth to consider also is that if this feature is enabled in various countries, with the aid or not of a possible referral program attached to it from purse distribution to help traders earn bonus incentives from trading on the P2P (Crypto-Fiat / Fiat-Crypto) platform, the growth of the community would spread fast because a lot of people won’t mind trading and sourcing investors on Fx for a livelihood due to the benefits of the referral program. It’s happening with Binance and I think it would work better for Fx.

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Sorry guys, I think I didn’t properly explain this idea earlier so I want to try one more time. This idea is different from the ramp network way of acquiring fx using fiat. What I’m referring to is similar to Binance. Let’s say ‘A’ wants to get 100fx and does not want to go through the long process of getting btc or usd before converting to Fx because of the many charges involved, he can quickly go to MarginX (for example) and indicate how much Fx he wants and MarginX would indicate the current price for that quantity based on the currency of the local area or country A is resided in and then anyone can see his request on the database list of MarginX and select it if they are interested. If ‘B’ is interested, he selects and agrees to buy from ‘A’ at the given price shown in MarginX, ‘B’ would be shown payment options provided by A to select from as a mode of payment via fiat and makes payment either via bank transfer or any other means available and upload proof of payment. As soon as the payment is confirmed by A, MarginX would automatically release the 100 fx from A wallet to B wallet. That’s just an idea. All these to preferably happen on mainet.

One of the advantages is that Mr. A and Mr. B might never have to meet face-to-face. But the transaction at the early stage might just be restricted to locality of the buyer and seller, probably in future the team could make it possible a cross countries. @zaccheah @Peko @DavidK @admins


Sharing based on Singapore’s scenario (likely the same everywhere)…

Issue with P2P/OTC is not about escrow account nor technical restrictions, but more reliance on regulatory in the backend. Any company that uses fiat-to-crypto requires strict MAS compliance including AML/KYC/Travel Rule/Cross-border payment etc.

P2P Marketplace on Binance/Huobi requires additional verification (KYC) to transact, and a time limit of within 40 minutes to complete each transaction (bank transfer etc).

Do note that local banks here, can block/lock any transactions (micro-payment) they deem suspicious; that will lead to more inconvenience for buyer/seller and even platform itself.

There’s no faster/seamless method of transacting presently, except using credit/debit cards (high service charges); which F(x)Wallet allows buying through Ramp Network is pretty convenient so far.

AFAIK, Margin X is gearing towards decentralisation (without any intermediary) through smart contracts, or it’ll defeat its purpose as a DEX. Once regulation allows, having another button for P2P/OTC shouldn’t be any issue technically.

Another point to add, XPOS is one great cash-over-counter solution in existence for P2P/OTC. (Business opportunities if you’re looking for income ideas) :slight_smile:

As more governments are looking to issue a clearer guideline/license, I believe barrier of entry will be much lower over the years.

We’re still very early!


There are many countries like mine that don’t allow fiat-crypto transactions involving financial institutions (especially through the use of credit cards), it only allows local trading of crypto between peers, some competitors have found their way around it and so I am suggesting that the team should consider same so we can get more investors. If not, many competitors would keep surfing ahead of us with lesser quality projects.

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