DeXPOS Module New Names Revealed

Hi everyone!

It’s f(x)Core anniversary today! Those who have watched the anniversary video probably have spotted the new names already :wink:

Following community suggestions for the naming we are proud to announce the names

  1. deXPOS β†’ XChange (suggested by @ClaudioxBarros)

  2. deXPASS β†’ XCard (suggested by @SCENE)

  3. Merchant Dashboard β†’ XScan (suggested by @SCENE)

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and congratulations to @ClaudioxBarros and @SCENE for being the winners and receiving 1000 FX and 2000 FX accordingly :clap: :clap:

name reveal

The winner of the previous internal De-XPOS testing is @ClaudioxBarros. Congratulations and thank you all for participating in the testing!

The new XChange beta testing is now open for merchants to register, and XCards will be the rewards. Don’t miss it!

Exciting times ahead!