Discussion: Decentralized payment gateway for ecommerce

Good morning to all,

First I introduce myself, I am Jean Chuquispuma member of the community in Spanish (please forgive me if my English is not good). I am a systems engineer and I have been learning a lot about blockchain, along the time I have been developing smart contracts in an educational way to reinforce my learning and not long ago I decided it was time to start a real project and contribute to the crypto world.
I have been following the progress of the pundix and fxcore team since its inception and I believe I can bring more value to the blockchain.
Well enough about me, hehe … I have long been thinking that a decentralized payment gateway would add a lot of value to both pundix and function x. Now that EVM is active in function x it is possible to make it “fast” and “easy”.
I would like to know if:

  1. if the community thinks this initiative is a good idea and take a small part of the EGF for development and publicity.
  2. Collect proposals and suggestions for development.
  3. Develop a “beta” of the operation to collect FX for the proposal in the starscan.

I will be very attentive to your comments, suggestions or discussions hehe.

Best regards.


Welcome, Saludos. (Soy Español)

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Welcome bro
So what kind of project will you bring to fx core

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give everyone a lot more detail on your decentralized payment gateway for Ecommerce idea & how we benefit from it’s differences to our Pundix payment platforms, please.

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Thanks to all of you!

Decentralized payment gateway. Accept payments with fx-core supported currencies, preferably stablecoins in e-commerce.


  • Payments without intermediaries (P2P).
  • Decentralized commerce
  • No banking interventions

@LKYBOB I understand that pundix is not yet focused on ecommerce, it does not offer any api or plugin to sell online. The project will focus on the use of fx core supported currencies via smart contracts so that users can make ecommerce payments securely.

Benefits for the community:

  • More use of the fxcore network leading to more use of the FX token.
  • Real utility for currencies supported by FX Core.
  • Growth and Adoption of FX Core.

The purpose of this thread is to collect proposals and suggestions in order to put together a paper and show the final proposal. Also show a “beta” of the development to generate more confidence to the community about this proposal.


hopefully the team will make an input here; they may want to see something like this but utilising the L2 chain of PUNDI X Chain being the payment networks chain of the eco system & bring more utility to the PUNDIX network, maybe a better fit

what is the regulation in your country, is it allowed for payments using crypto
crypto as payment is not new, even the original purpose of bitcoin was created to replace fiat money, but the main obstacle is regulation.
do you have a solution, payment with crypto but not against regulations

I have also thought about it, however I was inclined to do it in fx core due to the amount of coins it supports and will support as more projects come up.

Good question, I have also thought about it, I have done some research on the subject. It is very true that the main problem of any adoption are the regulations, not all are the same in each country. First of all, when building a decentralized platform the “end user” is the one who assumes the risks and regulations that this entails, since only an intermediary platform would be built to close a deal between user and customer (Remember that contracts are P2P). My answer would have been as easy as that hehe… However, we cannot ignore the main problem of regulations and where we will focus the project.

My position and strategy in this regard would be first, to focus the efforts and adoption of our project in more flexible countries and trades. Second, to set the plan and strategy of partners to help traders to be able to exchange their currencies without being heavily impacted by regulations.

In conclusion, let’s remember that in most cases having a P2P platform means that we are not service providers, but mere intermediaries, the end users are the ones who assume the costs and based on this we can propose strategies so that these users are little affected.

Let someone with more experience feel free to correct me =)

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Hello! You’re idea sounds great. I’m hoping to hear more about the progress in your plans.

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Why you not build music market place dapp

@IvanFunctionX That’s a great idea! I have thought of the following:
3 dApp Projects

  • First: Decentralized Authentication Protocol, with this dApp will allow the interconnection between applications, decentralized or not, in a secure way. Similar case: Lens Protocol on the Polygon chain.
  • Second: Decentralized Streaming Platform, artists can publish their works based on NFT (Collaboration with Fox Gaming would be awesome!). Albums would be unlocked by purchasing their NFT or also accessing a subscription like spotify. Advantages of this: I would say 99% of the proceeds go to the artist, no restrictions and various community events.
  • Third: Decentralized Payment Platform, a subscription requires a monthly payment right? The idea of Decentralized payment gateway sounds good for that. It would fulfill its function in every way.

I like what we are cooking up! I’m still open to your comments. All is welcome, I feel that I am able to make it possible. :grinning: :v:

To help you understand me better, here is a diagram. :grinning:

Hello everyone!
You probably thought that I left in nothing about the project I have in mind. well it’s not so! hehe.
I would like to take this little time to post the progress:

  • Decentralized profile: the idea of a decentralized authentication protocol is still on!
    Codename: XProfile
    Version: Test
    Imagine having a single decentralized profile for all the apps you want to use! No more registrations or inventing thousands of passwords to use your favorite apps. With XProfile you only need to create your profile once and you will be able to access the apps we plan to develop. Access Forums, Social Networks, Marketplaces, Streaming Apps, etc. in a simple and secure way.

All in a decentralized way on the blockchain through smart contracts!
Functions planned to be launched in the first test:

  • Add and edit basic data such as: Edit nickname, edit about me, profile image, cover image.
  • List all NFT images to display them.
  • Authentication Protocol

Functions to evaluate:

  • Add Friends
  • Profile Finder
  • Creation of REST API for consumption of non-decentralized applications.

Below is an image of the snapshot that is being developed! Everything is done in web 3 (both images and profile data) :smiley: I hope you stay tuned for the next update!

Remember that you can leave your comments, doubts or suggestions to take them into account and improve this development. :smiling_face:


Sounds interesting :thinking:

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Personally I’m not into anything that has multi access ability, risks are not my kettle of fish, for security I don’t mix my worlds and prefer individual access to anything & everything, seems off track to the original topic headline of the Decentralised payment Gateway

Thank you very much for your comment!
I am creating creating a profile is the same as creating an account. Depending on what we are planning to do, you can manage multiple accounts if you wish and thus assign permissions to those who wish to see your “personal information”.
Regarding the thread, it is true, I have gone off topic. That is why I will create its own thread to XProfile once the open test is launched.
Seriously, thank you very much, these comments help a lot in seeing the different perspectives and applying changes or modifications to have a really good product in the long run.


Web 5;

#Ore is doing something similar.

Thought you might be interested.

Objective opinion;
Security is absolutely paramount here. It will be more of who is building it (team size, investors, auditing, etc) rather than the concept of trustlessness architectures. That could be the initial hesitations for new users and adoption uptake…

There are more reasons here that can be added. But I hope you are able to play it safe in terms of your time and effort. Clearly you have the talent to export.

Sensitive datas is imo needs some sort of track history as a Developer.

I hope you can proof me wrong here and it seems you’re well on your way under development already…

Suggestion, Maybe some sort of collab with the team…

All the best, I’ll be watching this thread for sure.


I’m really looking forward to seeing your test product if you are planning to launch it on f(x)Core.

Osmosis / Keplr is doing this currently, iirc, they are launching it next year.

There’s a profile and username tied to your address, like ENS, and you can access multiple things from DEX, to social networks, online payments, and other apps in a single place. You can even customize your avatar and tag all your social media accounts on your profile.

Their tagline “wallets in the present will look very different in a year’s time”. They are planning to make it like a lifestyle account. The best Web2 example is “WeChat” from China.

Is it similar to what you are doing? :thinking:



Thanks for commenting on the thread!
I was not aware that osmosis was already developing something similar, I am very happy because it shows that the idea is not a bad one after all!
In principle the plan is to develop something simple and then evolve the product from there. But from what you mention, the goal is similar to what osmosis has in mind.
I will check what osmosis has planned to take it into account! Thank you very much


We will soon open the main thread for “xProfile” and launch the test version on FXtestnet. I hope you can try it out and give your feedback in the main thread!