Do we need another e-commerce distributor

Please add to list of anymore e-commerce distributor from any region, that we feel it can benefit now or in the future for Pundi X. Thanks.

Currently we have;

We can keep growing this list is my hope.

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Ebay has a large following. Some of the social media sites like Etsy have a lot of sellers who could use XPOS. Square has a lot of small retailers using who are impacted by the per use fees… if we had that list or the distributor list.

@Superbit123 check these out:

  1. (Latin Americans countries)
  2. (Worldwide)
  3. (Spain)
  4. (Europe, you can choose your European country inside this website)
  5. (Europe)

Let’s go XCommunity!!


Superbit. What do you want?

  • Wholesalers
  • or distribution channels?

Because for instance will 99% not buy the xpos themselves. They work with wholesalers who sell them on their website.
Also amazon works mostly this way if the quantities are not that large.

E-commerce channel:

  • (Belgium / Netherlands)

A thing you can keep in mind are a kind office-depots were they sell cash registers.
For instance (I don’t know them but came across them in the search) :


new egg no longer available to my understanding. The push for USA is now arro. unfortunately.

Thanks for the reply and input.

Anything that will help PundiX and it’s communities tbh. At least this way, we can show team Pundi other avenues, and us the communities making a progress towards an interest, if the communities want additional access to XPOS.

Team Pundi can then assess what is best, for future references or demands.

Maybe a poll could be conducted with selected top e-commerce outlets and the regions by the team later on… Just doing some extra leg work in preparedness for them, is the hope and from this “field testing”.

Essentially, allowing consumers more access points.

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That’s a great list you’ve complied. This data can be useful for the team, if they pursue these opportunities.

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@Superbit123 new egg is by far the superior e-commerce solution (IMO).

New Egg “Business” allows for many options including a net zero account in which you can sign up for and make monthly installments on bull orders.

I HOPE :crossed_fingers:the New :egg: business relationship is restored.

Hi Tone,

After reading your above comment, I think the issue here is that, Pundi want to give their master distributors full exclusive control over their regions and retain incentivations to them also.

As you pointed out, it can have pros and cons over existing e-commerce giants.

It would be good if Arro Social for example are able to match installment payments and faster shipments etc etc.

I do understand what you’re saying, for example if I entend this point, is allowing consumers a greater access point, or their familiar trusted source of purchase is always a winner.


It can also be possible if Arro Social /BTCKING again want to act on behalf of Pundi, for example what I mean is that, as masters to work with e-commerce giants such as to make a deal with Newegg, whereby Newegg take a cut as a reseller and outsourcing more XPOS…

@arrosocial nor is @btcking in here to tag, @eduardstal can you please forward this suggestion to Plz.

Giving more accessibilities, but they can still retain the structure the team layed out and also maintain their master privileges, a win win for all… :crossed_fingers:

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Actually I just realised another option on second thought, which is, on activation process of these xpos, the master distributor can be allocated regardless where they brought the device from eg Newegg or other e-commerce. This can work right? and still keep everything in place…


Came accros the following news: *

The Venezuela-based Bio Mercados chain of supermarkets has begun accepting crypto pay in-store nationwide after striking a partnership with the dash (DASH)-token affiliated Dashpayplatform and the crypto exchange platform Cryptobuyer, as well as the latter’s crypto pay partner, the Caracas-based MegaSoft. According to a Dashpay tweet, the new deal will see outlets in Caracas and elsewhere in the country accept payments, enabling crypto pay for “over 500,000 shoppers” in the nation. Per El Universal, shoppers will be able to pay in bitcoin, DASH and Cryptobuyer’s own token (XPT), as well as “other cryptoassets.”

Thought pundi had a base in Venezuela!

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whats going on in asia? indonesia and china? that seems to be missing, has anyone worked on those places?

I don’t want to jinx it, but we are closing on a few more master distributor that will give access to some exciting markets!


Please let us know as soon as possible Zac… we can use all the good news :slight_smile:
Our fingers are crossed!!!

Very excited😍