Does XPOS accept other crypto payment passes/cards?

Will the other crypto payment cards also be accepted at the x-pos?
Because Visa, Reef Paypal, Ghost etc will soon also have their own card.
And if these passes are also accepted at the x-pos, that also increases the demand for x-pos.

And Paypal, Visa, Reef, Ghost, etc can mention directly at the launch of the new card that the card can also be used on the x pos. Extra free advertising for us from our colleagues in the Telegram/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram groups.


depends on the system they use, some systems are custodial services that won’t work through any one else services and some are not actually crypto spending crypto as crypto services like pundi, Crypto was designed to get away from banks and central organization’s, if you want to incorporate financial thief’s back in your life you may as well stay using fiat with your bank, Pundi is a Payment service system they will adapt an add any card or payment system that physically can be applied, Xpos has already incorporated PayPal, I know they have been in talks with Mastercard, some Pax devices running Xpos accept bank and Visa in the US, other wallets can spend at xpos devices like Trustwallet so there must be others

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Second point, Banks, PayPal and Visa are the old system trying to stay relevant in a new technology environment, they are trying to keep up with Pundi, Pundi is not trying to keep up with them

Correct Visa still uses the old system. But they will soon also switch to full crypto since the fee of Pundi X is always lower. But with networks like that of Reef and Elrond that go below the 1 cent transaction, we will be the ones that will fall behind again. Technology is so fast at the moment.

Although we want to stay ahead of the competition, we have to accept competitors at the x-pos otherwise they will release another cheaper device that accepts everything and we are the ones who grab a limited market share.

Paypal currently only has an application to pay with fiat money on the X pos. Not an actual crypto payment system with cards, its own chain, etc. But this will come. Mastercard had a conversation with Zac 2 years ago and he never talked about it again so I will not expect too much from you if I were you. Of course I also hope for a collaboration, but otherwise some information would have been released long ago. If several digital wallets are already accepted at the x-pos, it seems important to me that we also do this with other payment cards.

Pundi is a Payment service system they will adapt an add any card or payment system that physically can be applied

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