Donation to Ukraine #2

As @ClaudioxBarros already mentioned there is a mint-to-donate action by PundiX and FunctionX together with Hope For Children CRC Policy Center. I would like to pay, in my own way, some attention to this with a small story:

At the moment I have only minted only 2 NFT’s. Why only 2 you might ask?
Because we (my family and I) had decided to go another direction and we gave ourselves up to give shelter to an Ukranian woman with child. Due to some unexpected circumstances the initial plan enlarged to: 1 grandma, 1 mother and 2 small children.

Just a few facts as an incentive to get you to mint-to-donate:

  • They (all 4) slept a week in a station on the ground in the cold.
  • They came here with 2 little bags, so with almost nothing.
  • Until a few hours ago they didn’t even know in which country they were, let alone which city.
  • They have a bankcard, which they can unfortunately can not use. And don’t have a nickel-and-dime for the rest.
  • Grandma thinks this is just for a few days… she can’t comprehend it all.
    = in short these people are tired as hell, and they are the lucky ones!!!

So if you have some purse to spare… go on and show your good heart and mint-to-donate!

Read: Pundi X and Function X Foundation collaborate with “Hope for Children” CRC Policy Center launch mint-to-donate NFTs to support children and families suffering from the war in Ukraine | by Pundi X (writers) | Pundi X | Medium


Great initiative, @ive !


what about donation to iraq, suriah, libya, afganistan, pakistan, iran, palestine?

Actually, UNICEF does help familiers and children all around the World, whatever the country is. Maybe UNICEF should start a crypto-funding program.
You can easily donate thru Juniper


Thank you for the kindness in helping them @ive !!

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i support russia invade ukraine
look like america and nato support invade iraq, afganistan, pakistan, lybya, iran, suriah, palestine

Could you keep your politic opinions for yourself please?
This is not the forum to discuss or argue about politics.
The thread is for helping the children affected by this war.
If you want to donate for countries like Iraq, Iran,… there are other websites.
For instance like mdmdmd83 mentioned: Juniper
Thank you.