El salvadar adoption

Hi guys el salvadar isgiving $30 in bitcoin to thejr citizens. If they give $1 in pundix it will be great for our adoption @zaccheah @DavidK please can u guys make it possible

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Just for reference, El Salvador has a population of 6.4 million, so even with 1$ worth of $PUNDIX that’d be a fund of 6.4 mil $


Ya @eduardstal. But they are giving 30 dollar in bitcoin. If they give 29 in bitcoin and 1 in pundix fhat wohld be great. Even we are donating xpos to them. If they consider us it wohld be great opportunity for adoption

Hi @zaccheah could you clarify pls

One dollar is probably not enough. I think however 60k xpos machines would be good for adoption.

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@zaccheah can u ask their executives like monicataher to give pundix worth of $1 it will be great for our community. U can also ask for paraguay. It would be great for pundix adoption

From one fish a person will be fed one evening, and from one fishing rod every next.
6.5 million $ is 15,000 XPOS, this amount can provide the tokenomics of the whole region