Elon's X Super App

Elon is developing a super app called X. He will be integrating a payment service in it as well which in my opinion could be PundiX network. Is the team planning to pitch to him?

If you read his biography, you will understand how important this app is for him because he has thought about it since Paypal.

We had the project to send him an Xpos since France in 2020, but, finally we didn’t.

There is another social network that would be interesting to invest time and energy in it. It’s Nostr! If we all make an account there and push #FunctionX and #PundiX #Purse hashtag, we will easily have the attention of best influencers in crypto.

They love the lightning network and Xpos already have the lightning option.


I think mailing him XPOS along with PX card would be a good idea.

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