Enter the Twitter contest set up by MrRicho48

MrRicho48 has made a pundix contest of his own… And by my own experience a LOT of FUN.
Enter the contest:


Guess your number on the tweet above.

Don’t forget to tag a “minimum” of 4 twitter friends


Yes the Guy is extremely talented, later closer to the end he might drop some hint’s as there is funnily a wide variety of answers, don’t trust that any one person has worked it out, Happy counting; most important drop happy pic’s/Gif in the post comments with your answer, this was designed to excite the followers and share the medium link; make quote tweets if need be of the pundixlabs original post that the game is posted within; the sooner you get people interested the bigger it will become in the end,
Not that I know it will happen but if the markets do as we hope those laughing at the 40 pundix prizes will be busting a gut to play by the end of this year. this Game was deliberate to kick off getting people interested; word of mouth is the most powerful sales tool in history - It’s up to you to Make use of it