Entrepreneur in Residence: strong hands building DApps together

Happy Friday everyone!

Some Friday thoughts about how to get more out of the ecosystem.

A few of us have pointed out that we need as many good DApps once EVM goes live. You have also suggested that the foundation should build most of it in the early stage, if no outside team steps up.

One way is to have a foundation and community collaboration project - Entrepreneur in Residence. It’s sometime about missing pieces, you might be super talented in marketing but needs developer muscle, or vice versa. Hence I’d like to share the idea of Entrepreneur in Residence, mainly the foundation will supply resources to build core projects(usually the tech), and the community supplies other resources. Hence a win-win.

While any project can qualify, in the early stage it will be beneficial to focus on “building block” DApps such as swap, stablecoin, etc. It’s important to emphasize that to be Entrepreneur Residence, the person or team has to be super dedicated to making things work, if you want success you got to go ALL IN, which means you sleep, eat and dream the project.

What do you think?


Yes i agree

Yes! treat it like any business venture full commitment or not at all.

I am very pleased with the proposal. I think this will help the growth of FunctionX a lot. Unfortunately, many projects that are going on in people’s heads are not implemented because the recourses or the team are missing. With the suggestion from you Zac there is the possibility to venture into the project.


great idea

Hi Zac !

Not a big fan (personally) of the “you sleep, eat and dream the project”.
Even if I spend a lot of time on the project currently, I can’t provide that, and there’s a “slave” perspective I dislike in the form :slight_smile:

However, I fully support the idea of the team setting up a FunctionX foundation, meaning “free” and “open” approach.

The EVM support on the mainnet will clearly be a game-changer : and this could be a good start to organize a “hackathon” on a short-period of time. However, a Hackathon needs time to setup, organize, warn users and incentivize them if we really want results. It also needs the team experts will be available, and some testnet accounts are fully setup, and technical documentation will be made available as well.

Thanks !!


Its nice giving hand to ones who don’t know how to make it complete :+1:t3::+1:t3:.

But it means also groups who knows what they doing they can also integrate there dapps and still get audited and supported by team in a way that community can trust them ?

It will be very nice thing and helpful to make a bond between community and community devs or external devs

Hi @FrenchXCore agree to disagree! I absolutely abhor working like a slave, I refer more to really breathing and living a project you truly own. In Pundi X and Function X our employees are free to come and leave as they please in the office, but we are rightly motivated to work hard and care for the company.


Clearly stated : that’s the best long-term philosophy… And we’re here to stay :wink:

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do an exchange on the fx, fx/punidix network, this will increase trade

It’s being tested now, get the Beta wallet and you can too