ERC20->PundiX = migration taking longer than 13 hours


Sent my tokens for migration to PundiX, still not confirmed, here are screenshot:

Any chance to fix it? It is stuck at * ##### Transfer of value finalized by f(x)Core

Both transactions on ETH networks completed successfully.

Issue seems to be that you sent 0 PUNDIX. Try sending at least 1 PUNDIX. @ByteXSylvia @Richard

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You sent 0 Pundi X. Transaction was successful but you sent over nothing so you will receive nothing.

You only paid gas fees for the transaction.


Thanks guys, stupid me!

For those who will find this thread - you need to do a transaction again and make sure you select the amount of PUNDIX you want to send from ERC20 wallet to PundiX chain. Or do it initially, I missed it and sent 0, so had to pay for the gas three times! Expensive lesson.

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