Error Log

Hi, I was doing a cross-bridge between FX Core and polygon for USDT. After the transaction was submitted, it came back with an error. I tried to repeat the transaction few times and I couldn’t repeat the transaction because of Stream cancel error. Turns out, the initial transaction had gone through and I didn’t have the balance to repeat the transaction.

I tried to find the initial error I had gotten, but I couldn’t find an error log in the app. Is there one? FX version 3.7

  1. There should be an error (if doesn’t exist already).
  2. Funds were safe since cross-bridge can only be done internally, but could this error happen on external transactions? Where a user keeps repeating transactions, thinking it didn’t go through?

gm @cop4200

The f(x)Wallet team is currently on lunar new year holiday break. Please give us some time to get back to you. We appreciate your patience!

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