EUR stablecoin proposal for XPOS (europe)

Hello everyone,

I’d like to suggest to the team to implement an euro based stablecoin on merchant XPOS to make it easier for european customers to understand the process.

Do you think it could be helpful for european merchants?

Thank you


Hi @mattez.crypto are you a XPOS merchant? If yes which country do you operate in.

Hi @zaccheah, I am not. I am in Italy, I recently opened a business called “BlockWalker” willing to become a distributor of XPOS technology :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s Paolo, OpenAzienda founder.
I think it is very important for the success of adoption in Europe: we need stable EUR Crypto to make difference and be inclusive with all the european population. We need to make it usable for everyday life, not only trading and to do it we need Stable european Crypto.

We are supporting @mattez.crypto in the big challenge to identify the best way to make it in the most decentralized way, open to participation of any citizen or private business.


Tether created $EURT, is it possible to integrate that in XPOS beside $USDT for european merchants?

Yes, I would like to see a Euro stable coin too (preferably on fxcore), the Pundi X and Function X community is also very active in a couple EU countries (NL for example) so having a coin liked to the euro would be appreciated