EVM message wrapping

Hi everyone, @Richard , @Chloechloe !

I’m currently looking for the definitions of message data that can be wrapped inside an /ethermint.evm.v1.DynamicFeeTx (data, r, s, p fields). Where is this data defined ?

Could you point me to an existing library or .proto file ?

For example, in this transaction, how was the data field produced ?



And also, will there be a way to access FunctionX EVM contracts on the FX explorer ?
I’d like to play with contracts at address 0x205CF44075E77A3543abC690437F3b2819bc450a and 0xc8B4d3e67238e38B20d38908646fF6F4F48De5EC, but the best I could do was to grab the bytecode and decompile it online, but sincerely it doesn’t talk a lot !! :slight_smile: