f(x)Core 1st Anniversary campaign Winners Reveal!

Thank you all for participating in the f(x)Core 1st Anniversary campaign! As previously announced in the Forum, the short videos submitted to FXDM have been combined with the 1st Anniversary campaign and are eligible to win the exclusive prizes and the grand prize — a round ticket to Singapore!

The updated rules are as below:

  1. Short videos must be submitted to FXDM before 23:59 GMT+8, August 5, 2022).
  2. Submissions may include: Posts IG/Twitter Tik Tok/ IG reels/ YouTube shorts
  3. The above submissions will be added to the Tik Tok Challenge and go through the FXNEERS selection process with the top 5 submissions selected for rewards in addition to the Grand Prize winner
  4. The FXDM submissions for the other categories will go through the usual selection process, including community voting, which started on August 11, 2022
  5. Staff are allowed to participate in the challenge
  6. Each individual will only be entitled to win a maximum of one reward, regardless of the number of submissions an individual makes.

After careful discussion and selection by the FXNEERS, we are now happy to announce the winners of the FXCore 1st Anniversary campaign!

Congratulations to the Winners!

Grand Prize: @Cryptowarss
Winning work
Prize: 1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt + a round-trip air ticket to Singapore to join a blockchain event with the team!

First Place: @SCENE
Winning work
Prize: 300USD worth of FX + 1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt

Second Place: @fatcatharvey
Winning work
Prize: 200USD worth of FX + 1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt

Third Place: @yetymagic
Winning work
Prize: 100USD worth of FX + 1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt

Fourth Place: @yessir_okeyys
Winning work
Prize: 1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt

Fifth Place: @functionxcrypto
Winning work
Prize: 1st Anniversary special edition T-shirt

Lots More Rewards

Special occasions, special rules.

21 submissions made it to the final selection. The top 6 with the highest scores have been named the winners of the FXCore 1st Anniversary campaign. But we think that all of the finalists deserve a reward.

So, all finalists, including the FXCore 1st Anniversary campaign winners, will get another 100 USD worth of $FX for each submission!

Let’s show our appreciation for the amazing works of the finalists and congratulate them!









Thank you all for your participation and the enthusiasm you express for Function X. The support from our community is always greatly appreciated, and we will carry your love and support to continue working even harder for a better future.

Let’s keep BUIDLing together!

Function X Team


Congratulation Everyone :sparkling_heart:


Congrats to everyone and enjoy your vacation @Cryptowars!!! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


It’s incredible!!! I will not tire of repeating that our community will be the strongest, brightest, most friendly! I am very happy to be in this community! And this is only the first anniversary! How many more victories are ahead! Thanks to all participants!!! Thanks to the team! I am in awe of your work and progress! Inspiration to you!!! Well, congratulations to the winner! @Cryptowars Have a nice interesting adventure! Looking forward to your photos and videos! Good luck to all!


Congratulations all Fx familiy. I love you all. I am very happy to be with you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I believe we will make Fx strongest and bigest together . Never giveup never give up.


Cogeneration!!! You are amazing! :crescent_moon: