f(x)Core Classic on Cosmos Ecosystem

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As you may know, Keplr Wallet (the main wallet on the Cosmos Ecosystem) supports both f(x)Core and f(x)Core Classic.It is connected via the permissionless listing, so users are required to manually add the chain (go to Function X StarScan and connect your Kepler wallet to add f(x)Core).

In addition to that, f(x)Core Classic is supported by the Coin98 wallet.

I would like your advice on which appchain on Cosmos we should connect f(x)Core Classic to (for example, Osmosis). By adding more integrations on Cosmos ecosystem side, we hope that we can gain more exposure from all the community to come to Function X.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you!

Screenshot to add f(x)Core to Keplr


Hi there,

I am bringing back this topic to ask questions about how to interact with FX on the Cosmos ecosystem.

When I try to activate the network on Keplr, it doesn’t work. Can we buy some FX on Osmosis or Osmosis Frontier?

I truly believe that the Cosmos ecosystem is the next champion of the upcoming bullish cycle.

Cosmos has a huge community and FX is a really interesting project. Let’s connect all of that.

I would like to see a farming pool on Osmosis, like FX-OSMO / FX-ATOM.

Thank you for the responses! :slightly_smiling_face:

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