F(x)Core CLI command `fxcored q slashing signing-info`

Using release/v2.4.x-a3f809dbee5915baa8b871782953d99efa160b1a

When requesting a single signing-info using a validator consensus public address, an error is systematically returned : Error: invalid character 'x' in literal false (expecting 'a')

e.g. fxcored q slashing signing-info fxvalconspub1zcjduepqqz6gjgknrmz0aepxmmfztlnlu9qy89ed3rkwj4aukxzfntgtzqdq8cpdyk


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Maybe you can try using

fxcored query slashing signing-info $(fxcored tendermint show-validator)'


fxcored query slashing signing-info '{"@type":"/cosmos.crypto.ed25519.PubKey","key":"ALSJItMexP7kJt7SJf5/4UBDly2I7OlXvLGEma0LEBo="}'

Hi FrenchXCore,

I checked to the tech team and they mentioned that the EVM transactions need to obtain transaction details through the eth-web3 interface. JSON RPC Server - Function X Docs