f(x)Core Mainnet Validator General Discussion & Enquiries

This thread will serve as the main thread for any general discussion related to the Mainnet Validator . You may access our public technical docs here.
This may include (but not exhaustive):

  1. Validator logical questions like:
  • what are the slashing/jailing conditions?
  • what are the best practices to store your keys?
  1. Governance related topics such as:
  • what is the voting process like?
  • what are the responsibilities of a delegator/validator in a governance?
  1. Any other general enquiries and discussion topics:
  • discussion before making a governance proposal
  • how to collaborate with other validators to improve the security of the network

@ClaudioxBarros @FrenchXCore @Bernando @l4zyboi @wolfpack64 @cop4200 @kenorb @Telchar

May I have a show of hands here who are the Mainnet Validators, I count 5 of you. This is for the press release (so that more people will delegate to your validators) and also for our internal tracking. We would like to tag you in our post so do provide your twitter handle and if you’re ok with tagging you.
Kindly provide the following details:
Name (Moniker) :
Validator public address:
Twitter handle:

Name: wolfpack
Website: https://twitter.com/WolfpackFx

wait for me, im setting up a vps :laughing: will finnish tomorrow if everything goes fine

I will make a note here when I am further along in the process. This is all very unfamiliar to me and I am taking extra precautions. If you have any guidance on sentry nodes it would help me out greatly.

Name (Moniker) : EA31337
Website: https://ea31337.github.io
Validator public address: fxvaloper1337eaaxxqd7l3jw6hwsrh0rvcjgfzgwqdtfq8x
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/EA31337

Name (Moniker) : Nammy
Website: Nammy · GitHub
Validator public address: fxvaloper1nammyssvfumll85kx6fwwje3qy3pkpvkw35p89
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/NammyFx

Here is the information:


ok. it isnt very difficult once you get the hang of it. but managing it and ensuring your validator nodes are secure is another thing. just holler if you need any help. I’d be more than happy to help and the community too.

@cop4200 @kenorb well noted.

@ClaudioxBarros ping here or the technical support thread if you need anything.

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Moniker : ClaudioxBarros
Validator public address: fxvaloper1umj9xqdv7q2quvtks8j66mwrj9wcfqp4486qgn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClaudioxBarros
Telegram: @ClaudioxBarros
WebSite: claudiodb.com

Hey @Richard

Is it normal for a validator to be missing blocks?

tendermint_consensus_validator_missed_blocks seems to be going up slowly. It’s not too many but I am just wondering if this is of concern or normal?

Can a full validator be in seed mode at the same time (seed_mode)? is that’s fine to enable, or better to create a separate node for it.

To answer your question about falling below the min self-delegation: your validator will become inactive and all your delegators will unbond from your validator. Once a validator becomes inactive, it will stop accruing revenue and not be subjected to any forms of penalty. Please refer to the Validator FAQ document under “min-self delegation” and “validator states”

still confused about sentry nodes :sweat_smile:

Q: What’s the difference between sentry and relay node? Or is it the same thing?

Q: Can validators change their IP address without any issues (and the network will update their information quickly enough)?

Q: How to do a snapshot from another synced node, which commands? Do you need to shut it down first?

I set up the monitoring bot today, is online.
But I changed the passwords to mines, but is not opening, I double checked passwords.
What could it be?

FrenchXCore-1 mainnet validator is online !!!

Name (Moniker) : FrenchXCore-1
Website: https://www.twitter.com/FrenchXCore1
Validator public address: fxvaloper1z67rkadwrp2nf4zwxpktpqnw969plelyjj5alt
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/FrenchXCore1
Description: FunctionX mainnet validator node - based in 🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷 !!