f(x)Core Mainnet Validator General Discussion & Enquiries


problem to solve 1: we need to bring more usecases to the fx ecosystem and with it enlarge the community. NFT was a good way to draw in externals as seen on solana or polygon for example, those two are at top of that game right now.

problem to solve 2: there are no market makers. building a community that cant buy coins for a stable price because there is no liquidity provided from market makers on CEX or via OTC scare potential investors away. And the dex wont change a thing there because no one ramps on over an unknown dex.
DEX is perfect for people already in the market, but 99% of the on-ramp into the market is CEX and OTC based.

those two steps are the most important growth mechanics we have right now. They just need to be tackled now.


Hi, I am learning to setup a validator nowadays and like to use my Trezor for key storage. Have any of you had good experience using Trezor as the function x gitbook did not list it as a supported hardware.

FAO @Richard

Everyone I’ve seen thus far have only used the nano ledger.

yes correct. It ultimately depends on whether Trezor supports the cosmos network. last i checked, it didnt. so it doesn’t support f(x)Core

Hi @Richard
My Validator miss blocks in a row all the time. @FrenchXCore is a big help but we didnt find a solution yet. Do you have any idea why this happen?

Hey, we are checking our own logs to see what we can find. Could you send your logs of when the blocks were missed?

I don’t have access to his server, but the logs were not saying anything wrong… That was really weird.

Anyone has any idea who this new validator is?
fxvaloper1astdkdrxlgylehy0jpqv2e357kl6pq0ccq4u73 goes by the moniker “nexus”.

Additionally i’m still waiting for @RockPool validator logos

Sorry, no idea !

Gm Richard, this is nexus validator :wink: nice to meet you and also the rest of FX family!


Could you kindly provide the following details?
Twitter handle:

and are you added into the telegram chat? if not you could send me a private message of your telegram ID.

We will help you tweet about your validator and add you to the validator chat to get to know the rest of the validators, for discussions and tech support.


@Richard I have sent you a pm. Thanks.

well received! @nexus

  • it would be good to edit your validator to reflect your twitter handle or webpage.

  • also if you have your own logo, you may refer to this repo and the instructions on how to change your validator logo

  • product pipeline monday board for the latest development in our ecosystem

  • additionally, kindly refer to this mainnet validator thread for latest validator updates.

  • for bugs/tech issues

youd find the validator community very helpful. with everyone helping each other out (real collective spirit and very inspiring might I add). it really is very inclusive and welcoming. one of the reasons what makes my work so enjoyable! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


anyone has eyes on the new validator moonbase?

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Looks like its Twitter is https://twitter.com/memetic_insti2t

yea wanted to get his forum id and add him to the validator group. no idea who this guy is hahaha. his website is very memeish :rofl: :rofl:

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Saw some infos they do. Posting here in case someone out here can apply some ideas in line of their field.

  • Research in Emerging Memology
  • Memetic Warfare Technology
  • Memetic Tactics
  • Advanced Memetic Research Projects
  • Meme Threat Assessment & Reconnaissance
  • Counter-Meme Response Operations
  • Memetic Signals Intelligence
  • Memetic Propagation Tactics
  • Memetic Application Design
  • Memetic Operational Logistics
  • Memetic Diplomacy
  • Meme Policy Development & Advocacy
  • Memological Training

Maybe send him a Where’s Wally meme on his/her dm on twitter. :wink::v:

This a good starter pack. Shall we incorporate this and more in the TG’s validators pinned message… Would be ideal to retrieve /locate info without having to search far on fxforum.


Just a quick poll, if the validators here are ok with upgrading on a weekday (it might be at ungodly timings for you guys) if not we can do the upgrade on a weekend.

@Superbit123 @Ardent @peteyg @RockPool @cop4200 @kenorb @ClaudioxBarros

Also a quick poll on your timezones so we can try our best to accommodate a suitable timing for everyone


Would definitely appreciate over a week-end : my TZ is GMT+1.