f(x)Core Mainnet Validator Updates

Updates 17-2-22

Improvements made to the Function X explorer:

As requested, we have taken into consideration, a validator’s birth date and adjusted the denominator of each validator’s participation. @FrenchXCore . I will be shifting #9 into the launch log of the public monday board.

The browser now displays 1 more decimal place @cop4200 . I think that should suffice. will be moving #12 to the launch log.

For those who have yet to vote for the Kronos Research proposal please do so here.

I’d just like to share a joke while we’re on governance and its a tech joke. 404 and 403 errors went to vote in the last US presidential campaign. 404 voted for Trump. And 403?



And when you think about it, Trump said only 404 voted 403 !!! LOOOOL !
Thanks for that joke : didn’t know it !

Greetings to all. We are finally ready to present our logo (@LuckyFX):

Validator: fxvaloper1zn0p7rqp2s702r4aua98gdtlwp6gza904h2dls


Hi Yaroslav !

Welcome onboard : your logo looks great !


Update 20-2-22

The latest EGF proposal guidelines have been added to a separate gitbook.

For future references, i will create a directory within the FunctionX-EGF-Proposal-Guidelines folder to track all applicants who have drafted the proposal guidelines. @Superbit123

I have added your logo in @Ardent . for future validator logo updates, do kindly follow the instructions in the readme file in this repo. @peteyg @RockPool @FrenchXCore


Update 23-2-22

  1. ENS has been deployed on f(x)Core Testnet. You may find more information here.

  2. I have made some changes to the Gitbook and amended some details like snapshot file names and did some reformatting.

  3. Future applicants will fork the repo, put their project application in the applications folder. then we can proceed to track the progress and any reports. I’ve added a placeholder here. More information can be found in FunctionX Github. @Superbit123


Updates 24-2-22

Kronos have submitted their proposal and is for all to see on our public github. They are the first team to submit their proposal to the public Function X Github EGF section to be stored under the new scheme.


Update 25-2-22
Have updated the governance proposal information on our techinical documentation. Do use it to get up to speed about the entire proposal process and details. https://functionx.gitbook.io/home/governance/governance-proposal-information


Updates 8-3-22
Validator rewards /status info/creation date queries

Hi fellow validators! I’ve wrote a script to query and generate reports for rewards, validator info_status amongst other things.

You can view the repo here. Pardon me that this was done in a rush and its basically running OS commands, returning the data in a json file and filtering the necessary info. Will look at building APIs so that it will be easier to query on-chain data in the future but feel free to use this for now.

Tech stack: 1) python 2) fxcore CLI needed. Do feel free to fork the repo and improve on it! @kenorb @FrenchXCore @ClaudioxBarros @cop4200

Alternatively, I can run the report for you guys and it will generate csv files such as those here.

EGF repo

Also, i have made some amendments to the EGF process and funds request. this is very important for those who want to request for funds in the future.

To protect the integrity of the ecosystem and all its users, EGF requests can only be made based on the milestone working on.

  1. For eg. if your project has the following specs: Milestone 1 ($3,000) & Milestone 2 ($4,000).
  2. The submission of your EGF proposal (on-chain) should only request for $3,000.
  3. Once you have completed Milestone 1, then you may submit another EGF proposal (on-chain) for $4,000

@FxWorldValidator Please check your (FxWorld) validator, it’s missing some blocks.

Hi Guys. The provider has some network issue.
“We have identified the reason behind the network interruption in our Duesseldorf data center, which is affecting some of our servers in Duesseldorf. The problem is at a construction site at the highway A46. During digging a cable with 288 fibers was cut, but the workers did not recognize and filled up the hole afterwards, so now they have to dig again to find the actual place of damage. No change of given ETA. Next update will be published in 1 hour.”

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We are working to solve this problem.


The problem is solved. Big thanks to @ClaudioxBarros !


Update 29-4-22
Validator rewards /status info/creation date queries

hi everyone, ive realized there was too much info in the previous csv file generations so ive filtered the unnecessary info out. just need to run python index.py and youll get the data you need.
it is really not elegant. but the code will do. You can view the repo here

New Monday Product Release Records Board (Monthly)
Great news! if you think the product pipeline had too much info, well there’s something for you!
New view of the monday board in a monthly view.


Hello to all the validator, keep the good work going ON :+1:


Dear All, in case you’ve missed it,

Testnet-EVM with many additional features is up and for more details, you may refer to this forum post.


Update 25-May-22
Guide for address conversion tool.

Do give it a go!
This upgrade introduces a new address which will enable ethereum compatibility.

Things to note❗:

  • This guide can be done only on f(x)Core Testnet.

  • Ensure the new Evm upgrade is done.

  • Ensure you have f(x)Core command line interface installed.

  • Your address should not be bonded to any validator (Address should not have a prior successful create-validator command). :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: my dear validators


Hi @Richard

I read that FX tx fees will be significantly reduced when EIP1559 gets implemented on FXCore mainnet. While this is a good move to try to incentivise more transactions on the network, I like to know how the team intends to further its decentralization efforts, since a reduction in FX tx fees is likely to deter more f(x) Core mainnet validators joining to secure the network, and may even result in validators deciding to drop off from the network due to unsustainable operations.

As it is, community validators are already receiving a disproportionately smaller amount of company delegation as compared to company validators and therefore rewards in fees. A case in point, Validator Singapore, still attracts the highest delegation amongst the 57 mainnet validators, despite charging a 10% fee. My guess is a sizeable amount of delegation to Validator Singapore must be company owned coins.



cc. @zaccheah @DavidK

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Update Validator earnings report:

  • I have updated the validator earnings report and fixed some errors thrown

  • Updated the Readme file to explain the different column headers and fixed the typo @kenorb

  • Generated the May-22 validator earnings report

i think there are two seperate issues in discussion here.

With EIP1559 and a reduction of tx fees, it will inadvertently bring in more tx onto the network will actually increase validator earnings. Additionally with EVM and the enablement of smart contracts and Dapps, there will most likely be more on chain tx.

EVM and lower tx fees will most likely attract more users. With more users and hence more fx holders, this will definitely help in the decentralization of the ecosystem

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Hi @Richard

  1. I certainly hope a 8x reduction in tx fees will attract more than 8x increase in tx volume for fx community validators to realize increased earnings.

  2. I don’t think the issue I raised about decentralization efforts of validators (from company to community) was addressed. Maybe you are not the right party to address it. Hopefully the right party can address it.



@zaccheah @DavidK