f(x)Core Mainnet Validator Updates

Hi Guys. The provider has some network issue.
“We have identified the reason behind the network interruption in our Duesseldorf data center, which is affecting some of our servers in Duesseldorf. The problem is at a construction site at the highway A46. During digging a cable with 288 fibers was cut, but the workers did not recognize and filled up the hole afterwards, so now they have to dig again to find the actual place of damage. No change of given ETA. Next update will be published in 1 hour.”

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We are working to solve this problem.


The problem is solved. Big thanks to @ClaudioxBarros !


Update 29-4-22
Validator rewards /status info/creation date queries

hi everyone, ive realized there was too much info in the previous csv file generations so ive filtered the unnecessary info out. just need to run python index.py and youll get the data you need.
it is really not elegant. but the code will do. You can view the repo here

New Monday Product Release Records Board (Monthly)
Great news! if you think the product pipeline had too much info, well there’s something for you!
New view of the monday board in a monthly view.


Hello to all the validator, keep the good work going ON :+1:


Dear All, in case you’ve missed it,

Testnet-EVM with many additional features is up and for more details, you may refer to this forum post.


Update 25-May-22
Guide for address conversion tool.

Do give it a go!
This upgrade introduces a new address which will enable ethereum compatibility.

Things to note❗:

  • This guide can be done only on f(x)Core Testnet.

  • Ensure the new Evm upgrade is done.

  • Ensure you have f(x)Core command line interface installed.

  • Your address should not be bonded to any validator (Address should not have a prior successful create-validator command). :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: my dear validators


Hi @Richard

I read that FX tx fees will be significantly reduced when EIP1559 gets implemented on FXCore mainnet. While this is a good move to try to incentivise more transactions on the network, I like to know how the team intends to further its decentralization efforts, since a reduction in FX tx fees is likely to deter more f(x) Core mainnet validators joining to secure the network, and may even result in validators deciding to drop off from the network due to unsustainable operations.

As it is, community validators are already receiving a disproportionately smaller amount of company delegation as compared to company validators and therefore rewards in fees. A case in point, Validator Singapore, still attracts the highest delegation amongst the 57 mainnet validators, despite charging a 10% fee. My guess is a sizeable amount of delegation to Validator Singapore must be company owned coins.



cc. @zaccheah @DavidK

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Update Validator earnings report:

  • I have updated the validator earnings report and fixed some errors thrown

  • Updated the Readme file to explain the different column headers and fixed the typo @kenorb

  • Generated the May-22 validator earnings report

i think there are two seperate issues in discussion here.

With EIP1559 and a reduction of tx fees, it will inadvertently bring in more tx onto the network will actually increase validator earnings. Additionally with EVM and the enablement of smart contracts and Dapps, there will most likely be more on chain tx.

EVM and lower tx fees will most likely attract more users. With more users and hence more fx holders, this will definitely help in the decentralization of the ecosystem

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Hi @Richard

  1. I certainly hope a 8x reduction in tx fees will attract more than 8x increase in tx volume for fx community validators to realize increased earnings.

  2. I don’t think the issue I raised about decentralization efforts of validators (from company to community) was addressed. Maybe you are not the right party to address it. Hopefully the right party can address it.



@zaccheah @DavidK

Updates 3-Jun-22

I have updated the REST API and GRPC gitbook. There are 2 added links for additional request methods. There is also a description and explanation on how to make requests


FX-EVM Mainnet update!

We will be launching the proposal for FX-EVM on mainnet soon! Kindly refer to this link for more information.


Updates 1-July-22 Mainnet EVM

In light of the EVM upgrade, if the proposal passes, there will be a lot of changes to the network.

I have written a document on the gitbook so that all the validators are familiar with the risks, process and details of the upgrade.

More information can be found in this thread.


Updates 4-July-22

Quorum of 40% reached! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:
Just wanted to update everyone that quorum has reached but that does not mean the rest of the validators/delegators should not vote! Show your support and do vote “Yes” if you want the proposal to pass

Gitbook updates

  • Updated dependencies like Go version requirements of 1.18

  • Updated hardware requirements of 4 cores 8GB mininum for EVM upgrade

  • Reformatted documents to segregate further into mainnet/testnet versions

  • Updated version requirements for f(x)Core and dependencies

  • Updated fxCore V2.1.0 Upgrade instructions



Updates 5-July-22

The team has created an upgrade tutorial for ALL VALIDATORS especially for those who did not participate in the last testnet upgrade.
This is so they can experience the upgrade process prior to Mainnet upgrade


f(x)Core Update 20220711: f(x)Core Mainnet Upgrade Emergency Release: V2.1.0 Aborted. V2.1.1 Released

f(x)Core mainnet upgrade V2.1.0 was aborted due to unexpected contradictions with working-on updates. V2.1.1 was released to continue the fxv2 upgrade proposed to take place at height 5,713,000.

Validators on f(x)Core Mainnet need to abort the upgrade V2.1.0 and use V2.1.1 for the fxv2 upgrade


EVM upgrade for fxcore will commence around 8pm (GMT+8) at block height 5,713,000.

You may monitor the blocks here.

For more information, refer here


For delegators everything still the same ?

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Yes, nothing to do/worry.