f(x)Core Mainnet Validator Updates

Here is our brand new logo.
Validator Address is
Thanks a lot.

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  • JPEG format
  • Proposed filename: EA31337.jpg
  • Validator’s moniker: EA31337
  • Corresponding validator address: fxvaloper1337eaaxxqd7l3jw6hwsrh0rvcjgfzgwqdtfq8x

  • Validator: Nammy
  • Address: fxvaloper1nammyssvfumll85kx6fwwje3qy3pkpvkw35p89

Wow nice logo

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A good thing dont need a announcement. Thats why i didnt announce it earlier.
FxWorld Validator has increased self-bonded fx amount to 120000.

have a nice day everyone.


Update 13-1-22

I have made some edits to the gitbook.

Additionally, I’m still waiting on a couple of your logos @l4zyboi @cop4200 @FxWorldValidator @RockPool @SmallFort @peteyg and luckyFX.

Deployed Apps
For the uniswap Dapp on Testnet, we have added in analytics/charts. More information can be found in this link.


I hope it looks nice.


I’ll sort out a logo soon. Once I get on days off. Lol

@FxWorldValidator well received. @peteyg no rush!

Public Facing Monday Board beta testing

This is an initiative from the team. It will be used for testing and to access the usefulness of the board for the community and to gather feedback. For now it is mainly validator centric. Of course there are many other items that are not up here.

Public Monday board’s objective:

  1. For the convenience of the community to view the discussion topics and implemented features (currently there isn’t an all-in-one dashboard for collation of discussion topics, too many threads too much info)
  2. It also helps us streamline communication with the community (by having such a dashboard, the community can quickly click into the ideas/discussion topics they are interested in)
  3. The board will also show what we have implemented (shows that we take your feedback and requests seriously)

How to use the board:

In the future we would aim to showcase all our items undergoing development for greater transparency.


very responsible plan,nice


This is absolutely fascinating solution. Its true am personally lost to follow everything on forum

The board is properly aligned and have info I would perosnally need :+1:t3::white_check_mark:

Also with point you said above and it’s really so great from team they doing this as they already promised to transparent as we really wanted in last meetup +++++ just for that step.

Am really excited to upcoming days we have great mindsets in community and with great leadership foundation aligning our ideas in the correct stream we will hit hard in decentralized world :fire:

Just one thing please is it possible to switch it to dark mode :joy:


I just sent the logo through DM

Updates 17 Jan 22


  • I have added in a chart and a more comprehensive explanation on Ledger+Cloud @FxWorldValidator @Aravan. do check it out here. Since I am promoting the public monday board, you can track this item in the launch log as item #4 in the public monday board.

  • There has been an addition of a metamask guide for Testnet EVM

  • With the rest of the guides like using Remix or truffle and hardhat, you will be able to deploy your own smart contracts and ERC20 tokens. You can give the Remix tutorial a go and mint your own ERC20 tokens.

Well received @cop4200.


Updates 21 Jan 22


  • There has been an addition of a couple of guides that have been added, in particular connect wallet to Dapps.
  • There have been some minor changes and formatting changes too.

Testnet Browser DISPLAY

this is something to look forward to on the Mainnet. There are a couple of things implemented here especially Uptime and Voting Participation. Once this goes up the mainnet, i will be moving items #3 and #2 from the public monday board to launch log


FrenchXCore-1 update:


Updates 15 Feb 22

Community Requests
As requested by the community, the team has improved on the explorer and displayed more validator information.

I will be moving the #2 & #3 to the launch log because they have already been completed.

Still waiting for some of you logos @RockPool @peteyg luckyFX and scale moment

EGF Proposal Guidelines
I have added #11 to the monday board for tracking of EGF proposal


Team, great work rolling out the updates on the explorer! I do see an opportunity for improvement with the Uptime Calculation.

We have learned that it is perfectly normal for validators to miss couple of blocks per 20,000. With uptime metric having no rounding function and no decimals, it does not do justice to validators who are running perfectly fine, yet show 99% uptime!

I understand the thought behind no rounding is accuracy and transparency. But with the current system, a validator who misses 1/20,000 blocks shows 99% uptime AND a validator who misses 200/20,000 blocks will also show 99% uptime.

This is not an accurate representation of performance. To address this, the uptime metric should have two decimal points with a rounding function. This will ensure accuracy and fairness.

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Love this update. Thanks Richard and team!

Yeah two decimal points would be great. Since the range from 1-200 misses will still be shown as 99%.

For true competitiveness and quality service.