f(x)Core Update 20211112: Tron and Polygon Module

Two new modules: x/polygon and x/tron
View at: fx-core/x at main · FunctionX/fx-core · GitHub

The update focuses on the potential expansion of the Function X Ecosystem. These two modules are aimed to expand the cross-chain capabilities provided in the x/crosschain module. When x/polygon and/or x/tron modules are/is initiated via InitCrossChainParamsProposal, f(x)Core will be enabled with the cross-blockchain connections with Polygon and Tron. In short, these two modules will be integrated into FXCore if they both pass the governance proposal. Governance proposal is expected to be proposed shortly.


Community will see what internal team members see at the same time, @Chloechloe from developer/product will be posting these tech update here. :sunglasses:

For the current module update, governance voting for TRON and Polygon support will be live in next 24 hrs, please vote to get both supported!