f(x)Core Update 20211202: Deployed Cross-chain Support for Polygon

Governance Proposal#7 “Polygon Support” passed.

Proposed cross-chain parameters have been added and enabled. Starting from Dec 2 2021, the deployment of Polygon onto Function X Network goes alive.

Token available for cross-chain liquidity transfer: USDT (0xc2132d05d31c914a87c6611c10748aeb04b58e8f)

View FxBridgeProxy contract at

View FxBridgeLogic Contract at


Hmm now that you mentioned token available for cross-chain transfers: USDT

Is there a list of what tokens can be transferred for the other chains?

Binance Smart Chain - BNB PURSE

Can we transfer BNB or USDT into FxCore or PundiXChain, for example? Are those supported yet or?

Not sure how correct I am but the assets available you can add sort of answers the questions so if you can add USDT to fx core wallets and pundi x chain wallets, Polygon wallets and tron wallets, then I would gather you can crosschain or bridge USDT between them, as there is no BNB wallets to add for FX core or Pundi x chain then BNB at this time it’s restricted to the BSC wallets of the fx wallet app.

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Come to think of it, that may be right.

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question is what do you need on polygon and tron chain wallets for fee’s or are they in fx i assume being a fx core wallet app tx, unless your going out of pundi x chain it would be a Pundix fee

I hope it is in fx and not the token that is being transferred.

Like PundiXChain is in PUNDIX and not fx.

I saw a transaction in explorer just now, a polygon USDT transfer, the bridge fee was 1 USDT and not fx.

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