f(x)Core Update 20220621: f(x)Core Testnet EVM V2.0.0 Upgrade

This update to f(x)Core Testnet contains the following changes:

  • Bump tendermint to v0.34.20.
  • Bump cosmos-sdk to v0.45.5.
  • The IBC version was upgraded from Cosmos-SDK/x/ibc to IBC-Go v3.1.0
  • Added modules: feegrant、authz、feemarket、evm、erc20、migrate
  • Migrate modules: auth、bank、distribution、gov、slashing、ibc、crosschain(bsc、polygon、tron)

View the code at Release v2.0.0-rc2 · FunctionX/fx-core · GitHub

If you’re a validator on f(x)Core testnet, please note that your node will automatically stop running within 2 hours after the governance proposal passes. To be kept posted, go to
Testnet-EVM with Address Migration Tool