f(x)Core Update 20220711: f(x)Core Mainnet Upgrade Emergency Release: V2.1.0 Aborted. V2.1.1 Released

f(x)Core mainnet upgrade V2.1.0 was aborted due to unexpected contradictions with working-on updates. V2.1.1 was released to continue the fxv2 upgrade proposed to take place at height 5,713,000.

IMPORTANT: V2.1.1 is incompatible with V2.1.0.

Validators on f(x)Core Mainnet need to abort the upgrade V2.1.0 and use V2.1.1 for the fxv2 upgrade that should occur at July 16th, 2022 at 12:00:00 UTC. f(x)Core Mainnet Validators could have latest information at Fx-evm mainnet

View the V2.1.1 code at Releases · FunctionX/fx-core · GitHub