f(x)Core Update 20220728: Upgrade V2.2.1 Ready for Mainnet And Testnet

Upgrade V2.2.1 is ready to go live on both Mainnet and Testnet. This update contains the following changes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fix transaction msg MsgConvertCoin MsgConvertERC20 too much gas
  • Fix crosschain to ethereum
  • Fix tendermint subcommand


  • Add query oracle reward in the cross-chain module
  • Check fxcored version when synchronizing blocks from scratch
  • Add denom many to one support
  • Update RegisterCoinProposal support denom many to one
  • Add UpdateDenomAliasProposal and MsgConvertDenom

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IMPORTANT: Both mainnet and testnet v2.2.0 have to be upgraded this time by Monday 1 Aug, by about 10am (GMT+8). Mainnet validators could refer to this post for more information.