f(x)Core Update 20230131: Mainnet Now Upgrade To 3.0

The fxv3 upgrade is a major update that contains a list of significant changes, including

  • Support Avalanche C-chain cross-chain

  • Support cross-chain tokens: AVAX, SAVAX, QI, BAVA and WBTC (erc20)

  • Support IBC standard transfer transaction

For the full list of changes in fxv3 upgrade, See CHANGELOG.md.

View the code at Release v3.1.0 · FunctionX/fx-core · GitHub

The fxv3 upgrade is proposed to take place at height 8,756,000 which should occur approximately at 02:00:00(UTC time) on Feb 09th 2023. For validators on f(x)Core Mainnet, please go to f(x)Core Mainnet Validator Updates - #199 by lancelai