F(x) Core validator node setup on f(x)Core Testnet

hmm, ive escalated this issue already. could you upgrade your node? wipe all data off and reinstall and sync up? we are still trying to troubleshoot your issue, but it could be that some of your old data was not completely cleared. so i would suggest removing all data and removing the entire cloned repo and start afresh. i’ve added the new snapshot file in the gitbook so you can use that. at the time of writing, snapshot data will be from block height 1830604 while the current block height is 1831985.

PLEASE take a look at the “validator recovery section” to see how you can recover your validator after upgrading your node

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Update on the technical docs/gitbook:
I have added in the “Validator Recovery”, “Validator FAQ” sections and within the “Full node with Binaries” I have added a more stable “Daemon setup” section

also ive made some edits and changes to other documents. kindly REFRESH your gitbook to see the latest updates

yes rm -d the data directory and make sure you stop your node. i have updated the snapshot guide a more detailed explanation and also how to set up via the “DAEMON” method. You may also take a look at “Validator Recovery” to see how the directory tree structure would look like.

Additionally, I believe you will be doing quite a bit of testing on your end so could you provide me with your token holding address so i send some more test FX over to you

Will do. Thx @Richard !!

Hi guys, initially we encourage upcoming validators to be able to at least self stake 100,000 FX to become competitive. This will be supplanted by a much lower requirement. The new requirement will allow more flexibility for would-be community validators.

Also, to encourage community validators to get more delegation, company hosted validators will gradually (weeks) increase our commission rate to increase incentive to move to community validators.

Have fun and looking forward!


Any approximations on what would be the changed requirement for validator apart from the self stake ?

I’m ready to do a codeless Validator, I have more then enough to be an active Node, are the Codeless nodes like what we did in testnet 1,2 & 3 going to be available to set up Matie; I don’t have the brain power to do a coded node

@ClaudioxBarros just now you asked about what the unbonding_height is the height of the last time you were unbonded. it could be due to you running the unbonding command or it could be that you were jailed/slashed

Hello Rich

how can i recovery validator from inactive to active ?

my validator become inactive after upgrade fxcored daemon and use new snapshot

Wow if we can become a codeless validator, i would also want to become one.

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That i know , and this ?
unbonding_time: “2021-11-26T22:04:38.336847704Z”

yes you can, we already test that in december or january

After you’ve recovered and resynced your node, because you didn’t resync within a block time, your validator will be jailed (too long down time) try using the unjail command (in the “setting up validtor” or “f(x)cored commands” section. That should do the trick. If it doesn’t, ping here again.

Did you follow the tutorial on how to recover your validator?

Yes take the date time corresponding to your unbonding height and add 21 days

not recover yet my node.
I’m confused because I’ve run a validator but the recovery instructions for validator have initializing fxcored. should i re-initializing fxcored with same string ?

or i just unjail command ?

Thank you

you should reinstall fxcore, and reinitialize fxcored, then use your old priv_key.json file to override it and then resync the node. then after doing that youll need to unjail it.

Ive started a new thread on pre-opening of mainnet validators.

The main contents of the announcement are

  1. Voting to increase active validator capacity from 20-50
  2. 100FX min self-delegation (and why)
  3. 1 Dec live tutorial video

I implore everyone to go and cast your votes!



I reinstalled everything… Uncompressed the snapshot as usual in ~/.fxcore/data
‘fxcored’ is starting fine : however, it seems like it’s still syncing from the very beginning of the blockchain.

A ‘curl…status’ command returns me → “latest_block_time”: “2021-07-12T19:19:22.255538136Z”

Is that normal ?

Thx !

Depends on where you .fxcore/data file is. Try unpacking it to ~/.fxcore instead

I was actually checking it right after I wrote my post. It’s working fine. Thanks !
The complete tutorial is almost done and checked !