F(x) explorer : improvements #9 on public monday board

Been discussing with @Richard wrt. more information to be made available about validators.

  • governance participation : instead of adding an indicator of type “X/Y” with X being the number of votes and Y the total numbers of proposals, I think it would be better to use X=number of proposals being voted for, Y=number of proposals where submission’s block height is before or equal to validator’s creation block height.

  • f(x) explorer : I’d like to extend the current explorer using data collected from our own nodes. Would it be possible to make the f(x) explorer component (Vue.js) open-source so that public can extend it/modify it and reuse it ?

Thanks !

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Would very much appreciate that the team shares the current code of the function(x) explorer.
I find it unfair that this is not available whereas most Cosmos block explorers are.
I would strongly prefer to base my code on the FunctionX explorer vue.js code instead of BigDipper or other things like that.

Mintscan also doesnt display the participation based on the birthdate of the validator. it isn’t that simple of an ask. it requires

  1. listening to a create_validator event and record the time
  2. listen to proposal creation events and record the time and duration
  3. calculate the total proposals created after the create_validator for that particular validator

for now we have other focus like EVM, this will definitely still be in the works, but will probably be done at a later date


I was meant to mention this before in the group, that imo, it’s not that vital or a priority to use any further resources and time spent on something that I feel most will over look, most won’t notice and won’t discourage delegators at this point.

For someone to notice this far into the eco (fx explorer) means they already have an interest and besides there is soo much developments happening with the eco that this info is small.

Date of birth of validators and date of proposal is an easy fix, as well as just mentioning this if ever asked.

What would stand out to potential delegators is the validators activity across the social media’s.

Also the participated proposals now shown in the validators info, maybe just a simple description title such as, participated proposals can do the trick to solve all, something like this, not worked it all out, just an idea here.

But thanks for looking into it, appreciated.

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I agree that EVM integration and FXDEX are much more valuable than explorer upgrades.
I’d just mentioned it for future evolutions…

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I know :grinning:, you are brilliant :muscle:

You’re the Functionx community MD.

actually scratch that. your improvements have already been added into the browser. i will be moving your item into our launch log

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See… Wasn’t that difficult !! :slight_smile:
Thanks to the whole team !