f(x)Variable Public Alpha Program Now Available

The Public Alpha Program page: https://testnet-dex.functionx.io/variable-invite/
f(x)Variable Alpha trading platform: https://testnet-dex.functionx.io/
f(x)Wallet Variable Special Version Download page Get f(x)Wallet
     · iOS download:f(x)Wallet Beta
     · Android download:f(x)Wallet Beta

We are eager to receive your feedback and suggestions.
You could report a bug you found or leave your feedback/suggestions in this post.

Or you could also visit our Discord MarginX

    • Register for the Public Alpha Program
    • Get extra testcoin by referring friends
    • Win Prizes & Rewards

Step 1. Visit https://testnet-dex.functionx.io/variable-invite Program page and install the f(x)Wallet (Variable Special Version) onto your mobile phone
You could download it from the Alpha Program page or directly from the Download page provided above

** Please note that you are NOT required / advised to uninstall the current version of f(x)Wallet.

Step 2. Import or create new mnemonics to start using f(x)Wallet Special Version and copy Variable address
If you create new mnemonics, please swipe down the ALL CHAINS page and the default Variable address could be found at #5
Variable address at #5

You could also swipe the page to the left to find the Variable Chain.

Step 3. Visit https://testnet-dex.functionx.io/variable-invite Program page and register your Variable address from f(x)Wallet Special Version into the registration form on the Program page (Only whitelisted wallet address will be eligible to participate)
Once registered, this pasted address will be added into the whitelist and granted with access to Variable Alpha trading platform. Meanwhile, this address will receive an airdrop of testcoin, including 100 FX and 100,000 bridged USDT, for trading.

Step 4. Connect your f(x)Wallet Special Version at https://testnet-dex.functionx.io/ after received the airdrop and start trading

When you have successfully registered, a Referral Link would be generated. For each new registration via your Referral link, you will receive an extra airdrop of 10,000 bridged USDT testcoin.

Of course there are prizes and rewards for participating in the Program. A total of 5,000 FX tokens (not testcoin) are ready to be given away.
View and join the discussion on the details of Prizes & Rewards Giving in f(x)Variable Public Alpha Program Prizes & Rewards


Have fun guys and girls!


Looks great f(x) Variable

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Can’t wait, I’m going to try it now

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We all gonna make it, hold FX

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Cool stuff! One more use case for FX tokens (casino chip) and good revenue source for FunctionX and its chain :slight_smile:

So what’s “Variable Address For Airdrop” …FX(Core) wallet address?

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In the position menu , need correct , “marign” in “margin “

Have a nice day .


got it. thanks… requires download another wallet to test out :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello team, thanks for doing the simple UI design and the dark mode :slight_smile:

cant really say much as this is alpha version ,wrapped up so well.
but it could have UI for multi tabs.

anything else is very good fillingup most basic needs. looking forward for next additions :slight_smile:

with this going forward we need browser within fxwallet to browse dapps and defi functions. i think its primary to have.

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bug report

when leaving for a while, shutting pc down, and not disconnect the fx wallet on pc,
after returning you can still try to make transactions, but the app does not connect again (says its connected on pc, but the confirmation check is not send to phone wallet to confirm transaction)
needed to disconnect on pc and reconnect again to connect.

it actually uses the christmas beta wallet, just need to redownload and it will update your beta wallet

This is a known issue and we’re currently working on it. Thanks for the feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

Биржа выглядит не плохо,но сыровато конечно.
-Не хватает покупки\продажи по рынку
-Настроить синхронизацию с кошельком
-Не сохраняются на графике отметки и линии которые поставил
-Не хватает отображения позиции\стоп\тейк непосредственно на графике
-Разделить спотовую и маржинальную торговлю что бы были в отдельных вкладках
-Сделать отображение комиссии за сделку
-Очень нравится что активы находятся на кошельке, а не на бирже.
Развивайтесь братья успехов вашей команде, мы с вами :muscle:

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Could we get a notification in FX wallet when an order is completed.
A sound notification in the browser would also be great.
An option to close all orders at the same time as Binace DEX.
Best regards Sylvia

I think that I found a bug. In the attached picture, you can see that I have opened an order for 5 AAPL for 163.5 USDT and when I changed to the pair TSLA/USDT, this order appears in the top of book order (buys), before the rest of TSLA/USDT orders.

Thank for reporting! This typo has been fixed :star_struck:

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It seems that prices for AMZN/USDT are not correct:

@Somas , please use translate.google.com:

-There is not enough buying / selling on the market
-Set up synchronization with the wallet
-The marks and lines that you set are not saved on the chart
-Lack of displaying position\stop\take directly on the chart
-Separate spot and margin trading so that they are in separate tabs
-Make a display of commission per trade
-I really like that the assets are on the wallet, and not on the exchange.
Develop brothers success to your team, we are with you```
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Is there any place in Variable web where it is summarizes all assets that you current have?

And in FX Wallet app?

I cannot find AAPL or AMZN assets bought in web despite of in the section Close of each pair and neither in FX Wallet app. Maybe, in FX Wallet app could appear in the list of coins of the Variable like FX or USDT.