f(x)Variable Video!

F(x)Variable - The future of decentralized trading is here :fire: :muscle::rocket:

Check out this high-quality video submitted to FXDM :star_struck::scream:

Trade $TSLA, $APPL & other tokenized stock perpetual contracts (currently in alpha phase):point_right:Project Variable is now open for alpha testing | by David Ben Kay | Function X | Medium


Also on YouTube: What is f(x)Variable - YouTube


Guys! If you haven’t checked, you should!

This is the video quality that we are aiming for and the reward that goes to it is delicious!

We received it in the FXDM submission and it’s an amazing surprise, and we are blown away with the quality of accomplishment and sophistication of this video.

The FXNEERS all agreed that this submission deserves a better reward that compliments the effort.

Of course, we have also been in discussion about the current reward amounts and we believe that the community’s efforts need more appreciation than there already is. This video and the reward comes with it (will announce also on Feb 18) is a great example of how the FXDM is all for the community and the better the quality of the creations is, the richer the reward.

Please check out What is f(x)Variable - YouTube because this is the effort given by the supporter of Function X and as the community we shall give our appreciation to it.

Spread the word, share the video, and get inspired to make something even greater!

Thank you!



Totally agree. Amazing work!!!
Which should be appreciated accordingly the effort that was taken to make this.


Could the video also be shared by @zaccheah @DavidK (and other members) and maybe the pundixlab account to get more people interested?

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