f(x)Wallet 2.0 is here!

Hello f(x)Wallet 2.0! :crown:

The finest blockchain wallet is now available for download :fire:

Experience the Innovations :point_right: GET IT NOW

Establishing support for more blockchain networks :star_struck:

:white_check_mark:Pundi X Chain
:white_check_mark:BNB Smart Chain
:white_check_mark:Avalanche C-Chain

NFT Gallery :framed_picture: is designed to focus on highlighting the best of your artwork and designs.

:white_check_mark:Support for sending and receiving #NFTs
:white_check_mark:View and showcase your NFTs in a unique and beautiful way

dApp Center🌐

:white_check_mark:Gain access to a multitude of #dApps like OpenSea, Curve Finance, Uniswap, PancakeSwap and more in a single blockchain wallet :star_struck:

EVM and Function X :sunglasses:

:white_check_mark:f(x)Core is now compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
:white_check_mark:Users can interact with any EVM-compatible network with the same address by using an EVM-compatible 0x address.

f(x)Core Gravity Bridge :bridge_at_night:

:white_check_mark:f(x)Bridge has been upgraded with the integration of f(x)Core Gravity Bridge!
:white_check_mark:Bridge tokens from Ethereum or other EVM-enabled blockchains to your EVM-compatible 0x address via f(x) Bridge.

Fluid User Interface :jigsaw:

:white_check_mark:Re-arrange tokens and blockchains to your preferred setting
:white_check_mark:Manage all your addresses and assets in a brand new dashboard using the multi-chain management option.

Guide & FAQ: How to upgrade FX address to EVM-Compatible 0x address :point_right: https://support.functionx.io/hc/en-us/articles/8632188654105


I got 2 fx core addresses i use for coins and delegating, how can i see both balances on the home screen?
Or do i really need to manually switch every time i want to see the other balance?

In v1 it was neatly sumerized

You will have to switch if you want to see the other address’s balance.

Oh that sucks, especialy since this was neatly visable on v1.
It takes a lot of screens/ button presses to do/see anything really.

I thought this was being worked on during the test phase

At least the delegations screen is still nicely sumerised

Majority of the feedback was to show a single address and multiple blockchains at the front visually.

  • The front page supports 1 address per blockchain

So in order to see another address of a particular blockchain, the user will have to toggle manually by clicking “Switch & Add Address”.

A tip to make your wallet addresses look more organized!

  • Tag all your addresses with names so when you want to switch, you know exactly which to find straight away. :smiling_face:
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Yes i already had them tagged, love that feature.

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First of all, congrats with the the wallet upgrade 2.0
Its awesome!

I have upgraded my fx address to EVM-Compaible 0x address

That went smooth.

My FX is visible on f(x)Core (the 0x address wallet)
The wallet address on f(x)Core Classic is empty now.

I have some questions though.


How can i send back $FX from the f(x)Core (0x… address) to my f(x)Core Classic fx address (fx1…)?

It seems not possible when manually adding my fx1… wallet address when trying to send from 0x… to fx1…
(The next button is greyed out)

And through f(x)Bridge i can not choose the f(x)Core Classic chain in the To box (The blockchain where your assets will be sent to) after selecting f(x)Core in the From box.


What is the difference between “Delegate FX” and “Delegate FX Classic”?

My delegations are now visible in “Delegate FX”.
The only thing is that the Estimated Daily Reward give no results anymore. It show ~

And i see “PURSE” now as secundairy reward token.(where it used to say FXUSD)

In “Delegate FX Classic” the FXUSD is still the secundairy reward token.

My second question is sort of complementary to the first.

So does it make sence to delegate in both options and if so, how can i send FX from 0x… to fx1… addresses.?





New FX wallet looks great.
Only I am missing the value of my pundi x tokens in the fx classic chain. Is this maybe a bug?

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Reward staking estimate not showing

My phone android


Your Pundi X tokens should be under your pundixchain tab. The value will show there, as mine has been.


Maybe this will come with the fx swap feature… Especially as the validators will need it more than most, because the rewards for validators claimed, are in FX classic. Would like to delegate them back under one address.

Maybe another article is needed, to expand on all these issues discovered (if not already) and perhaps explaining any pipelined small update fixes.

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one way to get some classic into your classic wallet is send some from a wallet that has not been converted yet to the classic wallet of the upgraded one, is the only way I know of so far, I think the delegation for classic is just there for those that choose not to convert.

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Ok thanks @Superbit123 and @LKYBOB
In a way i feel a little relief that i’m not the only one with these uncertancies.
That i think i understand it all, but then again i do not :slightly_smiling_face: (completely)

And maybe its a nostalgic thing, sort of proud of my fx bag, and now it feels more like just a erc20 wallet.
I know its not, but you know what i mean i guess.

Think you’r right with the fxswap thing.
Time will tell.

Another thing, the EVM explorer doesn’t show results on my phone when opening a validator address.

Anyway, i like the new wallet.
Time to explore further.
I’m sure all small issues wlil be fixed.

Have a nice day

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This UI is very cool, but I suggest doing a poll on twitter.that would be closer to the truth

Would it be possible to give a warning, or block the “Next” button, when using the “Send” option from your FX EVM-compatible wallet address, when you decide to type in or copy an ERC20 address in the “Send to” box? (the username or address box).

For example, when I want to send FX from my f(x)Wallet FX EVM address to Coinbase wallet, I hit the Send button, type in the amount of FX I want to send, and then I copy/past my Coinbase FX wallet address into that box. Visually it looks like you are sending coins from one ERC20 address to another.

And that is not the case since actually you have to make cross-chain bridge transaction from f(x)Core to ETH chain.

So maybe, if it is possible, that the “Send to” box recognizes you typed in a ERC20 address, and the “Next” button stays protected?

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It would be nice to allow address name tag on “recent” or sent transactions.

Actually the new fx 2.0 wallet doesn’t have the activity log as before.

Also maybe allowing more characters on name tagging will be good and handy.

Also maybe have decimal places on StarScan, to ease the eyes of MM of Transaction.

Will MarginX have nft section on the fx wallet. Or furthermore a gallery to see all created, owned nfts with their perks for Margin X… CC @orbitant

Maybe we could have tab selections on the dashboard on StarScan for MX and Pundi X chart, as we have for FX. Just a quick flip thing.

We can still use information bubble on top of what is inflation, community spend pool on the starscan dashboard.

hello guys i can no longer see my pundix tokens in my fx wallet…it was there before i did the 2.0 update…any idea guys? also do i need fx to upgrade

Yes, do the upgrade. The upgrade is for fx coin to the newer address (0x), it doesn’t and shouldn’t affect your PundiX tokens.

Scroll further down on the new upgraded wallet to see pundix chain. You should see your holdings there.

Or maybe actually you may need to switch your address on your pundix chain. Simply to access this, tap the pundix logo (or the three dots next to the logo on the right) on the wallet to see any other addresses you have on PundixChain and your holdings should be there.

Also copy your address into the explorer to verify.

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Hi @Jan, regarding your question about:

For example, when I want to send FX from my f(x)Wallet FX EVM address to Coinbase wallet, I hit the Send button, type in the amount of FX I want to send, and then I copy/past my Coinbase FX wallet address into that box.

This is the same for all exchanges and other EVM Wallets like MetaMask.

  • The user have to know → which network they are sending from
  • The user have to know → which network they are going to receive from

Both networks have to be the same.

MetaMask Example: ( All networks on MetaMask uses 0x format - for your information )

If the user clicks on the Avalanche network and sends $AVAX to an exchange that supports ERC-20
(Ethereum Network) only, their funds will also be lost too.

This is why all wallet users, not just f(x)Wallet’s users, have to know:

  • (Sender’s Network) - where they are sending from
  • (Receiver’s Network) - which network are they receiving it from

Both networks have to be the same or funds will usually be lost - unless you own both addressess.

A lot of users make this common mistake of sending over the wrong network - applies to all wallets.

I think everyone is misunderstanding what EVM-compatibility is and what ERC20 actually is.

  1. f(x)Core’s address is EVM compatible which means it utilizes the 0x format
  2. Exchanges clearly state that they support ERC20 Network only, NOT the f(x)Core Network

EVM 0x address means it uses 0x address format.
ERC20 means the token and network type.

This means the user has to make sure they send from:

Ethereum (ERC20)Ethereum (ERC20)
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
f(x)Coref(x)Core ( Not ERC20)

All of the above uses 0x address format.

→ If you want to send to Coinbase, make sure your $FX is in the Ethereum section of the wallet.

  • Coinbase currently supports ERC20 network only
  • Do not click from the f(x)Core section.
  • Double check what network the exchanges supports before sending over your funds.

All EVM blockchains use 0x address format - no matter what exchange, wallet, or f(x)Wallet.

  • EVM 0x address format does not mean ERC20

Any user can use their 0x address to send to any 0x address, but they have to make sure both the sender and receiver network are the same.

This is the same for all EVM blockchains, such as Avalanche, Polygon, BSC, and wallets like MetaMask.

This is all about making sure you are on the correct network - both sender & receiver.

Nevertheless, I’ve already informed the team to put a reminder message like:

  • Make sure you are sending using the correct network

Extra Note: MetaMask, the world’s most used wallet, doesn’t send any alerts or warning messages at all because the user themselves are responsible for choosing the correct network themselves.

But I guess we can do better by offering a reminder message to “reduce” the chance of human error. Cheers! :smiling_face:


Thank you @SCENE for you extensive answer.
It is very clear.

I’m aware of how it works, learned the hard way :slightly_smiling_face:, thats why i always first make a very small transaction when i have doubt.
Mistakes are made easily

To bad it can not be solved technicaly.
So a Reminder message is a good idea. Every small thing helps!

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