f(X)Wallet and XWallet

Hello, if I get it right, these two wallets are from the same company. Is the f(x)Wallet supposed to replace the XWallet? I am not really sure about this concept, but I think it is chaotical to have 2 wallets. Or is there any reason to?

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Fx is wallet is decentralized, x wallet is centralized


Xwallet is the original wallet and the main support wallet to Xpos and a centralised wallet, best wallet for shopping with and people that want simple wallet access ability to everyday crypto, FX Wallet the new wallet & is not a replacement wallet, FX wallet is a Private wallet where you own your Keys, First thing always Back up your Keys! your funds are totally your responsibility in FX wallet, this is your power wallet where you can store, earn and build your wealth.

Most Crypto networks have many wallets available, only new projects would start with 1

Once XPOS becomes decentralized, will xwallet get replaced by FX wallet ?

Fx wallet has it’s own purposes it is not a replacement, I expect xwallet will get further upgrades and become a bigger assistant to Xpos and hopefully moves On Chain to be a Bigger on chain Pundi X chain Xpos assistant wallet, but maybe a new on chain wallet will be created in Xwallet’s image, their functions are totally unalike but some usability’s will always have common uses, Both can be used to transaction through Xpos for instance

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I see it more like XWallet is for PundiX interactions, whereas f(x)Wallet is for FunctionX interactions.

What is the reason to have centralised XWallet? I mean why not make it easier and have just 1 non-custodial wallet as f(x)Wallet is? Still there was no explanation of what exactly is XWallet more useful for than f(x)Wallet? Because PundiX staking will be on f(x)Wallet too, am I right?

It’s not a matter of easy or not easy. It is a matter of convenience and also having the option to have a pure private wallet vs a e-wallet that you can use for daily groceries and expenses while not needing to worry about losing your keys.

F(x)Wallet is more for storing your tokens privately, away from public (only address is visible on the blockchain). Preferably larger funds while earning rewards.

By public, i mean for example, if you want to purchase something through an XPOS, you won’t have to do a transaction on your f(x)wallet which will be visible on the blockchain. Your address is still public but if you don’t use it for daily expenses, people can’t trace your buys back to your private wallet address.

X-Wallet on the other hand is centralized and you don’t have to worry about losing your keys that much. People can put in money for daily expenses to mid-ticket items like paying for something worth $500-1000~. It is like having a credit card / debit card for daily purchases.

This is my opinion.


no more like Xwallet is your carry shopping wallet, Fx wallet is your home investment earnings portfolio

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Unless the xwallet transitions on to Fx chain, transaction fees for deposit alone make it not worth using.